Alpha Rain-Metal Roofing Stafford VA

Three months from now it will be another hot summer season. It is quite warm right now while other areas in the country barely feel like spring. As everyone anticipates the summer heat and you can almost smell that summer breeze, here are some important guidelines to prepare your home for the season.

Attic and Roof Inspection

Make sure that your roof and attic will be inspected by professional roofers or a metal roofing VA contractor in order to ensure that your home will have a healthy and effective airflow. In case that your home has a poor ventilation system, you have to act now otherwise your cooling cost will upsurge. It is highly recommended to replace your standard roof vents with solar attic fans.

Metal Roofing VA

Metal Roofing Stafford VA

Professional Roofers

As mentioned your attic and roof should be inspected properly by professional roofers. We Alpha Rain Incorporated have been serving and installing a metal roof in most part of Virginia particularly in Metal Roofing Stafford VA. Our challenge is to create a very effective ventilation system that is affordable to anyone and everyone who desires of having a proper airflow from their home. We are grateful and proud to announce that we recently developed our very own patented ventilation system powered by Therma-Vent.

“Alpha Rain provide quality work giving satisfaction.”


As of now, we installed over 3 dozens with this kind of groundbreaking ventilation system. Our unique system provides a very promising cooling result. We tested our system during an extreme outdoor heat of 151 inside the attic and 96 degrees on outdoor. After we installed our system, we double checked the outdoor temperature and it was still 96 degree. However, the attic’s temperature has reduced its temperature from 151 down to 103 degrees. Would you let other metal roofing contractors northern Virginia gamble with your roofing and ventilation system? Our system is indeed economical.  Call us today!

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