What You Need to Do When Cleaning Metal Roofs

What You Need to Do When Cleaning Metal Roofs

A lifespan of more than fifty years is just one of the many reasons why home owners are now making the switch to metal roofing Virginia. Once you get over the price (it is a bit overwhelming at first), you’ll see how much you actually save. It is highly durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean.

Minimum Upkeep

While we don’t see our roofs everyday, we still need to clean it regularly. Regular metal roofing checkups can lengthen your roof’s quality of life. Other than that, it can bring to your attention issues that are starting to appear on the roof. You get to address these issues before things get worse, as aftermath.

Assess the Metal Roofing

Before calling the metal roofing contractors Northern VA to clean your roof, you need to conduct an assessment first. There’s a lot of effort needed in cleaning old metal roofing Virginia because of the several layers of paint and the build up of corrosion. While properly maintained roofs are a lot easier to clean, removal of old paint and corrosion is necessary. A new metal roofing, however, requires less effort to clean.

Check Your Safety Gear

Whether you’re installing a metal roof, inspecting the roof ventilation system or simply cleaning, you need to make sure that your safety gear is working. This has to be done before you step on the roof. Grab a harness and a safety rope, tie it around you, and ensure that you can go to all the corners of the roof effortlessly. This way your safety is not compromised as you keep your roof clean.

Scrape Corrosion and Paint

You can only scrape old paint if you are confident that you will not cause any damage to the roof. If you’re doubting yourself, then you need to seek help from metal roofing contractors Northern VA. Avoid using metal instruments when scraping off old paint because this may scar your roof. Instead, go for a wire brush or a flat-blade putty knife.

Need to Do When Cleaning Metal Roofs

Mildew and mold can also be removed by mixing half a cup of tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) and a gallon of water. Increase the amount to cover large areas while maintaining the amount of TSP. Dip a soft brush in the solution and scrub areas that have mildew and mold. Keep repeating the process until there is no more mildew and mold. Rinse the area with water after.

Areas with corrosion and scraped-off paint can be repainted once the roof is dry. Coat the roof with primer before applying new paint to protect the roof from corrosion. Make sure that the primer is dry before putting the new paint so that the application is smooth. Adding a coat of paint sealer is optional.

Cleaning metal roofs require a lot of patience, but it helps prolong their lifespan. While doing it yourself brings a feeling of fulfilment, it’s a task best done by, or with the guidance of experts.

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Ways to Identify Roof Damages Caused by Wind and Hail Storm

The  weather can sometimes be unpredictable, and the first in line to feel the effect of it’s unpredictability is metal roofing Virginia. Whenever there are storms, whether they produce no hail or rain, there can still be damage on the roof. Strong winds that pass often carry debris that leave stress points on the surface that, when not treated immediately, can compromise the quality of the roof.

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Fix a Leaking Metal Roof with these Five Steps

Owners or managers of properties, be it residential, industrial, or  commercial, are required to do regular inspections on metal roofing Virginia. Durable as they are, these roof systems are still prone to metal roof leaks and one way to keep this from happening is by checking the condition of the metal roofing from time to time. The repair options, according to metal roofing contractors Northern VA are unique, that’s why it’s best to have experts around before fixing anything.

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Things You Need to Know Before Selling or Buying a Metal Roof

So you finally decided to let go of the metal roofing Virginia that has been protecting you and your family from sun and rain. You have done your research, you saved enough money to cover the possible costs, now what? Well, the next thing that you need to do would be to look for the right metal roofing contractors Northern VA remove your roof for you. Before you finalize that decision however, there are a few things that you need to consider before buying or selling your metal roof.

Stick to Your Budget

When buying a new metal roof, it’s your budget that you need to stick to. More than anything. Fortunately, it is easy to get an accurate estimate of metal roofs because these are just two or three times more pricey than asphalt shingles. Once you’ve had the measurements of your home and how many sheets you need installed, it’s easy to get the estimate and start planning your budget.

metal roofing contractors Northern VA

Know What Affects the Cost of your Roof

It is highly recommended that you list down the core essentials before buying metal roofing Virginia. Take note, that the width, color, size, application process, panel profile, seam, accessories, delivery, installation, and other add-ons have an effect on the cost of your roof. It is also important to note that there are costs after installing a metal roof. There are repairs, the cost of which can be lessened if you choose the right installer. Adding a roof ventilation system, skylights, swamp coolers, and solar panels affect the quality of the metal, which may also eventually lead to repairs in the future.


Check the Going Rate of Metal Roofing

It’s always good to visit different shops first, talk to metal roofing contractors Northern VA to know what the going rate is. This will benefit you, whether you’re buying or selling metal roofing. As a buyer, you become more aware of which companies are overpriced, and which ones are selling high quality but fairly priced items. As a seller, you get a feel of how much metal roofing costs these days, and how much you can sell them for. Do know that the price of second-hand metal sheets are lower than brand new ones.

Alpha Rain

Factor in all of your expenses when selling your metal roof but consult professionals so you’re also aware of the quality that your roof has. If you made sure that it’s well taken care of, you can still sell it at a good price. However, if you just relied on its sturdiness and didn’t bother going for annual inspections to check if repairs need to be made then you have to settle for the price of a second-hand roof. That said, keep an eye on contractors while they remove or replace your roof. Make sure that they have the right tools and equipment. Ensure that their movements are not causing additional scratches of folds.

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Answers You Need to Have Before Installing a New Roof

Looking for the perfect roof and installer can be stressful. Dealing with a damaged roof is one thing, and making sure that the metal roofing contractors northern Virginia you hire won’t let you down is another story. There are many questions running through a home owner’s mind when it comes to these installations so we decided to list down answers that you need to have (from the questions you asked) before having a roof installed.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Inspect your Roof

Your roof is a vital component of your home, just like plumbing and all that electric work. Important as it is, however, it is often neglected because it is not something that we see everyday. When there are damages and roof issues, it is imperative that solutions be provided as soon as possible. One way to keep these damages from happening is by hiring a professional roof inspector to take a look at the roof from time to time.

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How Metal Roofs Improve the Visual Appeal of your Home

The metal roofing company takes pride in their products because of so many reasons. For starters, metal roofs are sturdy and durable. They can withstand extreme weather conditions with minimal maintenance. Metal roofs last for more than fifty years, which makes them worth every single penny. As if that’s not enough, metal roofs also come with a vast array of designs and colors to choose from – each with the intention of boosting the visual appeal of your home.

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