5 Common Problems That Could Affect Your Metal Roof

You can have the world’s best product in your hands but that does not make it immune to the potential problems that will arise in the future. There are a lot of things in life that we can’t control, and that includes external or internal factors that can affect the products we invested huge amounts in. Metal roofing company gave their full disclosure on these truths, and the good thing about being aware of possible problems is that you can be one step ahead and start thinking of solutions before they actually happen.

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Tips in Choosing the Right Metal Roof for Your Home

Wherever you maybe in the spectrum, knowing a thing or two about the differences among metal roofing materials can help you. The information is handy for manufacturers, architects, and distributors so they can make recommendations to their clients. Just the same, the knowledge about the different materials that a metal roofing company offers can benefit home owners when it comes to choosing the right one for their homes.

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Things to Consider when Inspecting or Reconstructing Metal Roofs

Any metal roofing company would agree that the health of their products is highly dependent on how homeowners care for them. They are tagged as low maintenance roofs, yes, and while that statement is true, checking on them from time to time can add a few more years to their life. Metal roofing contractors Northern VA noted that the inspection process is different from that of asphalt shingles and it’s crucial that homeowners are aware of this so they know what materials are needed.

First Things First

According to the pros from metal roofing Virginia, the number one thing that an inspector must do is to conduct an assessment. This allows them to identify what metal is used on the roof, problems that need to be addressed immediately, possible solutions, and materials required to solve the issue. This is also an opportunity for them to check if there are threats on their safety i.e., if the roof is walk able, are there sharp edges, and the like.


Common Problems

Metal roofing contractors Northern VA would agree that leakage problems are the topmost identified issues during an inspection. These may be caused by flashing, panel seams that have deteriorated through time, or perimeters. The ever changing temperature causes the panels to contract and expand which causes the sealant used in between each panel to grow brittle. An inspector needs to take a closer look at the panel fasteners, especially for homeowners located in windy areas. Fasteners that have been tightened down by strong winds will cause the panels from the metal roofing company to rust. The neoprene used to seal these fasteners can also break down through time because of too much sun exposure. Gutters should also be included in the inspection to remove leaves, sticks, or other materials that may be causing the blockage.

An experienced inspector understands that these issues cannot be identified by simply looking at the metal roof; one has to walk on it, run their fingers through the sealant to check if it is still pliable and soft, look at the washers and fasteners to see if both are still in good condition. It takes a keen eye to spot these problems, and a certain level of expertise to know how to reconstruct them.

Homeowners have different metal roof setups that’s why it’s best if they are familiar with the process of inspection and reconstruction. The same thing goes for inspectors so they are not caught off guard when identifying issues and possible solutions in metal roofing Virginia. Metals react to different materials which is also one of the reasons why it’s crucial that the homeowners are present during the inspection, and so they won’t get ripped off by people who are just pretending to be experts.

Eco - Friendly Metal Roof

Fortunately companies like Alpha Rain are willing to assist homeowners through the process. They have metal roofing experts who really know their craft and are available to answer their clients’ questions.



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Pros and Cons of Installing Metal Roof for your Home

Upgrading your roof from the old asphalt shingle roofing into metal roofing system is one of best decisions you will ever make to your home. While, if you are considering so, it is very important to take the time and understand both pros and cons of such roofing system. This allows you weighing the benefits of having a metal roof.

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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Switch to Metal Roofs

Metal roofing contractors Northern VA are gaining so much popularity these days. It has proven itself worthy of recognition, that’s why it’s highly recommended especially to those who want to have a sturdy and stylish roof on their houses. With different designs, colors, and quality that can last for over fifty years, metal roofing Virginia became the number one choice among roofing materials.

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Why Metal Roofs are Good Choice for Commercial Building?

If you’re into taking long walks around your neighborhood, you’ve probably noticed changes in the roofing material used in commercial buildings. There are more metal roofs than asphalt shingles and this is because more people are seeing the benefits of entrusting their buildings to metal roofing contractors Northern VA. Read on to know more about the benefits of switching to metal roofs.

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Upgrade Your Home’s Roof with a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Right off the bat, the word “corrugated” enters every home owner’s mind when you mention “metal roofs”. Corrugated metal roofs, albeit made of quality steel, is not as effective as standing seam roofs that most commercial and residential structures use these days. Sure you can see them on barns, outdoor sheds, maybe a few old buildings but you’re still better off with a standing seam metal roof for your home because it has countless benefits.

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