Metal Roofing: A More Sustainable, Lower Maintenance Choice

You probably noticed that metal roofing is becoming a worldwide trend. The reason behind this is the fact that homeowners these days are seeing the overall benefit of such roofing as they move towards more sustainable and more dependable material. In order to save money, increase the return on investment and avoid frequent maintenance. All in all, they enjoy the long term benefits compared to the traditional roofing materials.

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Terminology of Metal Roofing

You might think that you know it all,  particularly when it comes to your roof. You probably spend a lot of time learning the know-hows of metal roofing, shingles and even proper ventilation. Yet, it is important to bear in mind the understanding the terminologies of any subject that you wish to become a professional someday. Below are the metal roofing terms that you should remember. All in all, experience would always be the best teacher. Never miss a chance to take the opportunity of hands on roofing installation.

Metal Roofing terms



Batten is also known by many roofers or professional roofers as the Purlins. It is attached to the roofing system. The size can be 1x2xw wood strips to the rafters. In some cases, it is also called as the Hat Channel because of its shape. It is intended to anchor the roofing materials because chipboard sheets can most of the time not handle screw properly.

Class A, B, and C

Roofing system can be classified from class C up to class A. Obviously, class A is the premium type of roofing system which is fire resistance that can stand severe exposure of fire from the source or even from the outside of the building. Next in line would be, of course, the Class B roofing. It is also a fire-resistant roofing system, but this time, it can only handle moderate exposure to fire. The Class C types, on the other hand, are the ones that can only stand light exposure of fire.

Terminology of Metal Roofing


It is not the frame of the roofing system but the supporting framing of the building. It is the skin of the roof whereas this is where the metal roof will be installed. Most homes these days are using plywood decking. But there are other types of decking system and these are the tongue and groove, OSB (Oriented Strand Board) which is the cheapest option compared to others.


These are special pieces of trimmed materials that can prevent seepage of the water. There are Valley Flashing which is used in open valleys of the roof, the Plumbing Vent Flashing which prevents rainwater leaks and step flashing which is used for the vertical surface in order to meet a sloping roof plane.


It is also known as slope. It is the measure of how steep your roof would be. In any roofing, the pitch is one of the most important factors in order to determine the kinds of materials that can be used to the overall structure of the building. Usually, the higher the sleeper would be, the better because it benefits the drainage.


The underlayment is mostly made from woven black polypropylene. It is intended to stand against UV rays which the membrane itself is self-sealing. While the synthetic underlayment is superior over the felt paper. It is highly recommended to use high quality underlayment materials especially when you are planning to install metal roofing. This would prolong the service and at the same time, it keeps your interior cool.

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How to Repair Metal Roofing?

Indeed, roofs which are made from metal or also known as metal roofing is very durable that can last for about over than 70 years or even so. Yet again, there will come a time that the roof needs repairs because of the damages due to hurricanes, hailstorms, heat, molds, and rust. If you see any manifestation of damages from your roof, it is always advisable to call a professional roofer. Yet, there are some cases that even an average person who has no knowledge to roofing or whatsoever can easily handle the problem.

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Need a New Roof? How About Metal?

First impressions are always important. A good investment in your roof, which constitutes the larger part of home’s exterior décor, is a sure way of getting those heads turning. Besides being a profound way to showcase your taste to the world, your roof is also a sure way of ensuring that your home’s interiors are secure.

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How Much Metal Roofing Do you Need?

When figuring out or measuring how much metal you need for your roofing system, you don’t need to be a professional roofer to do so. If you know a bit about metal roofing, then you know the fact that roofers would not take the advantage of you. Some roofers may even suggest that you need “these” and you need “those”. But at the end of the roofing project, you see a lot of excess materials  and this can be very frustrating on your part. All in all, when it comes to roofing project, make sure that the roofer is recognized by the metal roofing Alliance. There are different kinds of ways on how to measure your roof. This will vary however depending on the style of your roofing system. In case that your roof has dormers, there are changes when measuring this.

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How to Deal with Metal Roof Hail Damage

Hail can tear your roof off and it is obvious that whenever hailstorm comes to your area, you can’t do anything but to hope that the storm won’t be devastating. As soon as the hailstorm is over, you immediately call your roof and home insurance for repairs. Hailstorm after hailstorm and season after season, your situation is like this. You worry too much about the damages and at the same time, it seems like repairs and maintenance are unending.

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Are your Steel Roofs Heavy | Alpha Rain

When you think about metal, obviously, you would presume that the material is heavy. Therefore, it is understandable and you are forgiven on your part of becoming anxious when it comes to metal roofing. You may think that your home structure would not hold such heavy materials as your roof. Not to mention if your home was built for over than a decade. Yet again, keep in mind that these materials are actually not as heavy when you compare its weight from the traditional asphalt roof.

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