Stone Coated Metal Roof-Climate Change Awareness

The phenomenal global warming puts our world at risk. We cannot blame the nature about this one and we should be blaming ourselves because of human emission of greenhouse. Many impacts of climate change occurred and continuously observed by professionals particularly the climatologists. One thing for sure, the summer days are getting hotter and hotter. This results heat strokes to many individuals and therefore, as a homeowner, you must act quickly in order to protect your family and your appliance as well prior to extreme heat.

Energy Efficient Ventilation System

Lots of homeowners are preparing their homes for the summer. Most of them make sure that their air conditioning system is ready. They keep the blinds closed as much as possible in order to block the sun beam. They invest most of their money trying to inspect their sprinkler heads. But, how about your ventilation and roofing system? This is where the Alpha Rain is good at. For roof upgrades and energy efficient ventilation system. The Alpha Rain Inc. metal roofing Virginia is the name that will give you a hand.

Alpha Rain Metal Roof

Energy Efficient Metal Roof System by Alpha Rain

Stone Coated Metal

Stone coated metal roof has been around for several decades. It is made from galvalume which is reliable against corrosion. The base coat is made for a lifetime intended to handle all types of weather. These materials will make sure the longevity of your roof.  Stone coated steel roofing system is more energy efficient compared to other roofing materials. The materials can handle the heat which makes your home cooler from the inside. When installed together with an effective ventilation system, you can save up for more than 25% of your energy cooling cost especially during the summer months.

Stone Coated Metal Roof

Stone Coated Metal Roof

Preparing your home during the summer days is very essential. Since we are on the urge of climate change, shifting to the most reliable materials against heat is crucial to our part.

If you are looking for metal roofing in Fairfax, Arlington other neighboring areas in Virginia, feel free to call Alpha Rain at 540-222-1642 for a consultation about your home or business roofing projects and to receive an easy-to-understand price quote with no hidden fees to surprise you later.




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