Rixeyville VA-Energy Efficient Metal Roof System

Proper ventilation is necessary to provide a healthy and comfortable home interior both on buildings and residential homes. The main purpose of such system is to remove polluted indoor air and replaces it with fresh cool air. A ventilation system also serves as an open flued combustion to provide thermal comfort particularly during hot summer days. During these hot days, moisture is probably the most significant because of the high rates generated like for example cooking or taking a shower. These activities might affect your home interior that can produce mold problems and condensation.

We at the Alpha Rain Incorporated has been in the ventilation and metal roofing company for over than 2 decades. As we continue to serve provide quality products and services in terms of Rixeyville VA metal roofing, we developed our very own patented roof ventilation system. With years and years of experience and passion to serve in this county, we’ve finally industrialized a system which is both energy efficient and cost effective.

“Alpha Rain installs patented metal roof ventilation system powered by Therma-Vent.”

Our result has a never been seen before system in America. In fact, there is a certain event that we checked the temperature rate and it was an extremely 96 degrees. Then we checked the attic’s temperature and it was 150 degrees. We decided to install your ventilation system powered by Therma-Vent. We consider to double check the temperature rate when it comes to the outdoor and it was still 96 degrees. However, the attic’s temperature was reduced from 150 down to 103.

Rixeyville VA Metal Roofing

Rixeyville VA Metal Roofing

We have been searching and developing an effective system that is affordable to everyone. Most of the past system was very expensive and there are lots of uses of natural resources. But, this time, no more batten wood which is expensive with less result. We strongly believed that other metal roofing contractors Northern Virginia would do anything to match our rate and efficiency. However, it is certain that they couldn’t cope up with our technology.

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