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You can fall in love all over again when you live in Arlington VA. The place offers beautiful sceneries, historical city, and upper-class community. Wherever you are in such place, you get this comfortable feeling with because it offers the nicest community. You can have the pleasure of visiting the Williamsburg and see the historical architecture. Moreover, see the mystery playhouse, Jima’s memorial and other must see places that can be traced back during the World War.

Architecture Structure

Victorian-stamped shingles

You will discover some of the houses’ structures were build a long time ago. Some houses have existed with an estimation of over than hundred years. Thanks to reconstructions and fine architecture, the looks are well preserved. But that’s not all. These days, the community are opting and upgrading their roofs from traditional asphalt shingles to metal roofing. Regardless of how old a home instruction is or how innovative its architecture would be, metal roof is the best option because of its durability. Not to mention that it can handle even the toughest hailstorm.

Arlington Homeowners

metal roofing Arlington VA

According to statistics and online reviews, the metal roofing Arlington VA industry continues to increase annually. As a matter of fact, it was up from 15% to 18% which makes metal roofing installation indeed relevant these days. So, if you just moved into Arlington or you probably living in the area for a long time but still you have this traditional roofing of yours, it is time for you to get an upgrade and get all the benefits you can get with such metal roofing.

Alpha Rain Inc.

We Alpha Rain Inc. pride ourselves not just providing metal roof, shingles, and solar panel technology, but because of our customer oriented crew. We guarantee you that you will always talk with real people and not machines with the right knowledge of metal roofing. We offer a free consultation and we will take you to the entire process from measuring, installing to the finishing touches of your roof. Alpha Rain Inc. don’t cut the corners and hire sub-contractors. All of the employees are highly trained professional in the business which they are still continuing and pursuing their knowledge to provide innovative roofing.

Patented Ventilation System

Because of our highly innovative personnel, we are able to develop our very own patented ventilation system powered by Therma-Vent. It is an awesome technology reducing your attic’s temperature from 150 down to 98 degrees. The result was never seen before and the best part is, the price rate is affordable. For over than a decade in the business, a good ventilation system is the most common problems in the area.


Throughout the years, we are grateful and honored installing Arlington VA metal roofing technology to several homes in the community. We are happy to serve in all areas in Aurora Heights to Virginia Square both commercials and homes. Our services encompass single family house, townhouses, and commercial roofing services including office and insurance repairs. All our roofing services are backed by 35-year warranty from coat peeling and repairs. We strongly believe that our competition in the business could not match our overall quality, service, and rate.

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