How to Install Metal Roofing?

Cost Comparison

Since metal roofing materials and installation are both pricey, you might be thinking that how about installing the metal roof by you together with your buddies? You will sure cut  the expenses alright, but how far can you ensure that you are doing the right thing when  it comes to installing the roof? It does not make sense to buy your home a durable roofing material while the roof itself is not properly installed. If you are really concerned about  your home, about your safety and about your pocket, try not to be a genius and leave the  task to professionals. Here are some instructions on how to install metal roofs.


energy efficient roof system

The first thing that most professional roofers will do is measuring the area. The time  frame will depend on the edges and the size of your home. The measurement must be accuratein order not to compromise its durability and quality when installing the roof.  There are safe techniques a professional roofer can do like, measuring the roof from the ground first. Then he will find the slope of the roof and measure the distance up and the  distance over. The slope factor is used to determine the area of the roof. This can be hard  on your part if you are going to do this for the very first time.



The working site must be prepared together with the materials and safety gears. Install  metal roofing may require 7 up to 12 professionals in order to install the roofing properly. This includes the crew and the lead architect of the team. When hiring roofers, it is best to ask for insurance and license of each crew member. Having a license means that a person who is working with your roof is highly trained and got the experience. You don’t want to  gamble your roofing to a bunch of boy scouts, do you? Hence, asking for license and  insurance is a must.

Removing the old roof

The crew will remove the old roofing at the peak of the shingles. There are times that they will come across with large nails and other debris. This is why they must wear safety gears, They will remove the old roofing on a day when the weather. The removing process will be scheduled any time when the sun is up. As soon as they remove the old roofing, there will be some repairs to deal with like the old materials removed and other frames which are  weak.




Now here comes the install metal roofs fun part. They will add the insulation layer making sure to block out moisture from getting trapped. The insulation layer will make sure that  the extreme heat coming from the sun will not penetrate to your home interior.

Metal Panel

Next is adding the metal panels and this would be the longest and the most crucial part of the installation. Professional roofers will make sure that the screws are alight together,  fasteners are intact and all the materials should be tightened. For finishing touches,  roofers will paint your metal roofing just the way you want it.

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