Energy Efficient Metal Roofs for Residential Homes VA

The fact that energy prices continue to rise to the consumer such as electricity and propane, it is essential to make an effort to reduce our energy consumption. But of course, we have to make sure that we are using the resources responsibly and at the same time taking into account the longevity of the a given product or service. Using metal for your roof is one of the most practical and achievable ways to reduce energy consumption and cost in the long run. Moreover, it can reduce your expenses concerning repairs and maintenance allowing you to save extra money.


There are many progressions which continue to be developed in the field of metal roofing materials. In fact, these days metal roofing is now recognizes as one of the premier roofs when it comes to cool roof materials. Cool roofs provide energy efficient roof system, primarily; reducing your energy consumption bills and lower your cooling costs especially during peak of the summer.

How much energy will I save?

The answer will vary depending on how effective your cool roof coating and your ventilation system. If the house has a poor ventilation system which heats up the attic, this makes the area very uncomfortable and will cost more to keep your home cool in the summer.Also metal roofing is energy star rating with all light and dark colors which reflects the heat and reduces the cooling energy from 20% up to 40%. Lots of metal roofs these days are coated with reflective surfaces which not just save energy but also increase the value of your home and enhance its looks.

Air Temperance and Heat

Heat built up in the attic is a huge problem for most roofing systems on the market even with the so called industry standard proper ventilation via a ridge vent in the roof and soffit vents at the eaves of your roof. To overcome this problem larger AC units are installed in most homes now to keep the temperature in the home steady even though the average air temperature of an attic on a 90 degree day is over 145 degrees. Even with proper insulation heat will come into your home from the attic, this will create hot spots in your home and the AC will always be trying to keep up with heat difference in the attic to what you set the thermostat at. If the attic is at 145 and you are trying to keep your home at a reasonable 75 degrees on a 90 degree day, which means that you are trying to fight against a 70 degree difference in the attic. In many cases most AC units will run continuously and will never stop, in fact some will never catch up during the day. This is where quality of life and temperance of your home come into play. Even if you have a huge oversized AC unit that can handle the 145 degrees in your attic you will still have hot spots and a less pleasant over all feel inside your home due to the heat from your attic. Imagine if you have a natural ventilation system for you roof and attic that could lower that temperature down to 100 degrees. That would be a game changer, and guess what the “Game” just changed. A company called Therma Vent at just released their fully tested product to the public that can do just that. We have used this product and have installed it for our metal roofing customers, and we have seen ventilation miracles.

Alpha Rain Incorporated

We at Alpha Rain Incorporated are using a newly developed authentic, competent and patented ventilation system called Therm Vent. Aside from making highly quality metal roofing, we learned that common problems for older houses and new ones are the designs of the attic ventilation system, and with our custom vent ridge, solar powered fans, and the Therma Vent system, the temperature levels of your attics and homes interior will never be the same again. For more than 2 decades of experience serving residential homes and buildings in most part of Virginia, we been installing eco-friendly and affordable ventilation system.

energy efficient roof system

Alpha Rain Incorporated is a small business firm that services thousands of residential homes in metal roofing and authentic ventilation system VA. We strongly believe that our roofing and ventilation are more highly efficient and affordable then compared to any other metal roofing contractors period.

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