Metal Roofing Installation is Worthit in the Long Run

When deciding to upgrade your roof from traditional shingles to metal, you have to be aware that the prices of metal roofing may vary depending on the type of metal roofing and difficulty of installation for a given building. Consider the metal materials, the area and the style of your roof. Yes indeed, metal roofs are becoming more and more popular for residential homeowners and buildings. This is because roofs that are made from metal are more practical in the long run. It is the best replacement for any existing roof when you are thinking about a renovation. Its style may also differ which will depend on the manufacturer.


One of the greatest benefits of metal roofing would be its durability. It can stand up against any type of weather, unlike its predecessor asphalt shingles. If longevity of service is what you after you can’t go wrong with metal roofs. Unlike traditional roofing material such as asphalt shingles that only last for on average 15 years or less.While, on the other hand metal roofs can last for over than 80 years with low maintenance cost and repairs, if installed correctly.

Designs and stylesmetal roofing contractors northern Virginia

Another reason why many homeowners are turning their table to metal roofing is the designs can be patterned. You might probably think that roofs that are made from metal can turn your home into a silvery looking or modern commercialized house. But, with few artistic touches from sophisticated styles, your home can look like a million dollar house. Metal roofs has a number of styles that can be installed, such as Spanish tile, Vermont slate or even wooden shake or a look like Asphalt shingles if you live in a neighborhood that has an HOA.

Cost-effective roofing material

When you consider the price of a metal roof for your home, it will actually cost less today then the cost of replacing your asphalt shingles roof today and then again in 15 years or less. However, when you compare the benefits, you will see the big picture. You are bound to spend too much of your money from maintenance and repair in order to max out the life span of an asphalt shingle roof. But, with metal roofing, you have the peace of mind that your roof no longer needs replacement anytime soon, in fact it will last the life of you house. As the result, you will appreciate that your roof is cost effective.

Alpha Rain Incorporated

We, Alpha Rain incorporated have been installing metal roofing in Leesburg VA and most part of Virginia for over than 15 years of service. Through years and years of experience installing metal roofs we have gained the reputation of one of the most prestigious metal roofing contractors, if not the most. We have discovered one common problem with homes and that is no ventilation or lack of proper ventilation. 99.9% of homes that have standing steam metal roofs or that are even having new Standing Seam Metal roofs do not have any ventilation for the roofing system, even those that have ridge caps.This is because a ridge cap must have a way for the air to escape, which as mentioned before 99.9 percent of all metal roofs do not have a functioning ridge vent. This will make your homes attic hotter in the summer months also making your interior hotter and sometime unbarrable in the second floor bedrooms. This is why we now use the newly developed and patented ventilation system called the Therma Vent which has successfully changed attic temperature from 150 degrees down to 103 on many all the roofs that we have installed the Therma Vent System. We strongly believe that we are the leading energy efficient metal roofing company in the country with our state-of-the-art technology and installation practices. Our competition in the metal roofing industry cannot and does not match both our quality and pricing package with 35 years of warranty including and coatings. Call us today at 540-222-1642.

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