Why Historic Buildings Must Have Metal Roofs

If you have a historic or ancient house and it has a metal roof, then the metal roofing contractors northern Virginia have already done a great job. Metal roofs are durable, long-lasting, and are worth every penny spent. These can shed off snow and ice with the least amount of effort. Fire is not an issue because metal roofs have the capacity to withstand the heat. It is lightweight and very easy to carry, plus it is hail and wind resistant. What more can a home owner ask for, right?

Going Down the Pages of History

Metal roofs have been used for hundreds of years to protect buildings and homes from the sun’s scorching heat, and the cold of snow and rain. A metal roofing company would provide sheets that would be laid on semi-flat roofs, porch roofs, and bay windows. To blend with the exteriors, metal roofing contractors northern VA would bend these metal sheets to line box gutters that were already built-in and to create ridge caps for roofs with shingles made from wood. It was in the 1800s when the metal entered the scene as it was used to coat steel roofs. This made the steel roofs resistant to corrosion. The downside to the metal was it had to be repainted every now and then. Those who could afford, however, went for copper roofing since it was a lot easier to maintain.

These days, one can find from the metal roofing alliance roofs that are flat-seam or standing-seam. The flat-seamed roof has panels that are a lot smaller and can be soldered together. Standing-seam roofs, however, can be interlocked between panels.

Durable Metal Roof

Effortless Repairs

Repairs may be required through time, but that is the least of your concerns since issues with metal roofs are easy to fix. For example, if you have problems with leaking, it may be because some parts of the metal roof have eroded. Other possible causes are, the flashing may have eroded, the standing or soldered seams have already come apart, or that materials like tree limbs are poking through the metal. You can go for a quick fix and use a silicone-based caulk, or you can hire a professional to do the repairs.

Eco - Friendly Metal Roof

The paint on your metal roof can last for a century. If you encounter paint issues along the way, it would still be best to hire a professional to do it. They have more experience in handling these issues and they have the tools needed to operate on these metal roofs.

If the times comes and you need to replace your metal roof, it is recommended that you go for new ones. You can have the old ones recycled so really, you are not doing any harm to the environment. Another advantage of installing a new metal roof on your historic home or building, is it can give a distinct look, which means you can sell it at a higher price.

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