What You Need to Do When Cleaning Metal Roofs

What You Need to Do When Cleaning Metal Roofs

A lifespan of more than fifty years is just one of the many reasons why home owners are now making the switch to metal roofing Virginia. Once you get over the price (it is a bit overwhelming at first), you’ll see how much you actually save. It is highly durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean.

Minimum Upkeep

While we don’t see our roofs everyday, we still need to clean it regularly. Regular metal roofing checkups can lengthen your roof’s quality of life. Other than that, it can bring to your attention issues that are starting to appear on the roof. You get to address these issues before things get worse, as aftermath.

Assess the Metal Roofing

Before calling the metal roofing contractors Northern VA to clean your roof, you need to conduct an assessment first. There’s a lot of effort needed in cleaning old metal roofing Virginia because of the several layers of paint and the build up of corrosion. While properly maintained roofs are a lot easier to clean, removal of old paint and corrosion is necessary. A new metal roofing, however, requires less effort to clean.

Check Your Safety Gear

Whether you’re installing a metal roof, inspecting the roof ventilation system or simply cleaning, you need to make sure that your safety gear is working. This has to be done before you step on the roof. Grab a harness and a safety rope, tie it around you, and ensure that you can go to all the corners of the roof effortlessly. This way your safety is not compromised as you keep your roof clean.

Scrape Corrosion and Paint

You can only scrape old paint if you are confident that you will not cause any damage to the roof. If you’re doubting yourself, then you need to seek help from metal roofing contractors Northern VA. Avoid using metal instruments when scraping off old paint because this may scar your roof. Instead, go for a wire brush or a flat-blade putty knife.

Need to Do When Cleaning Metal Roofs

Mildew and mold can also be removed by mixing half a cup of tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) and a gallon of water. Increase the amount to cover large areas while maintaining the amount of TSP. Dip a soft brush in the solution and scrub areas that have mildew and mold. Keep repeating the process until there is no more mildew and mold. Rinse the area with water after.

Areas with corrosion and scraped-off paint can be repainted once the roof is dry. Coat the roof with primer before applying new paint to protect the roof from corrosion. Make sure that the primer is dry before putting the new paint so that the application is smooth. Adding a coat of paint sealer is optional.

Cleaning metal roofs require a lot of patience, but it helps prolong their lifespan. While doing it yourself brings a feeling of fulfilment, it’s a task best done by, or with the guidance of experts.

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