Ways to Identify Roof Damages Caused by Wind and Hail Storm

The  weather can sometimes be unpredictable, and the first in line to feel the effect of it’s unpredictability is metal roofing Virginia. Whenever there are storms, whether they produce no hail or rain, there can still be damage on the roof. Strong winds that pass often carry debris that leave stress points on the surface that, when not treated immediately, can compromise the quality of the roof.

How Does Wind and Hail Storm Damage the Roof?

Wind has a different effect on different parts of the roof. Those in the corners are susceptible when the wind pressure is high, while the center part of the metal roofing can have stresses that are a lot lower. According to research, majority of the damage on metal roofing usually starts from the edges. If there are parts of metal roofing Virginia that are loose, it can be pushed up when the wind gets underneath. This gives the wind something to hold on to the next time it passes, which can lead to a chain peeling effect. The damage starts small but grows over time with continuous exposure to wind.

Damage caused by hail storm, however, is another story. Metal roofing contractors Northern VA  ensure that everything is spic and span when installing a metal roof but when this can only do so much hail storms come because dents are left on the surface. This leads to hairline cracks on the finishing on top of the roof ventilation system that can allow water to seep through as time passes. This creates the perfect environment for rust to develop, which weakens the roof.

Hail Damage and Wind Damage on Roof

What to Do if Your Roof has These Damages

Metal roofing contractors Northern VA emphasize the importance of fixing damages on the roof immediately regardless of the size. The longer the owners wait before fixing these issues, the higher the possibility that the damage will worsen. Replacements and repairs on both the roof and the roof ventilation system cost less when there are no leaks or water damages.

One way to go about the damages is to have it assessed first by an insurance agent. Make a list of all repair costs and keep all receipts of materials of work done including those you’ve done by yourself. The reason behind this is so reimbursement can be facilitated should you wish to file a claim. A lot of policies are more than willing to cover all expenses for as long as a claim is submitted and the receipts are complete.

As with installing a metal roof, it’s also best to entrust repairs to roof contractors. There will be so many “fly-by night” contractors after strong winds and hail storms so be careful when hiring people. Ask for certifications, business licenses, a permanent business address and proof of insurance before entering into an agreement with anyone. It’s a huge bonus if they have a good or high rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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