Answers You Need to Have Before Installing a New Roof

Looking for the perfect roof and installer can be stressful. Dealing with a damaged roof is one thing, and making sure that the metal roofing contractors northern Virginia you hire won’t let you down is another story. There are many questions running through a home owner’s mind when it comes to these installations so we decided to list down answers that you need to have (from the questions you asked) before having a roof installed.

We Are Licensed Roofing Contractor

Believe it or not, one has to have license to become bonafide metal roofing contractors northern VA. While codes, licenses, and requirements vary between each state, it would still be good to know that you’re working someone who makes an effort to follow the rules. It is imperative that the team installing these products from the metal roofing company are willing to comply with the codes provided by the state. You also need to check if their license is up to date. This gives you the legal papers that you need if ever anything goes wrong during the installation.

licensed roofing contractor

We Carry the Necessary Insurances

It’s always good to ask if the metal roofing alliance has an insurance. Some metal roofing contractors northern Virginia opt not to have any insurance and some do. The only downside to hiring contractors that do not have an insurance is you will be held liable for all the expenses if ever an injury happens on your property while the roof is being installed. This is something that homeowners do not want to deal with. One way to protect yourself is by making sure that the metal roofing contractors northern VA have at least a workman’s compensation insurance or a general liability insurance.

We Will Remove Your Old Roof

In some cases, roof contractors wiggle their way out of additional work by just putting the new roof over the old one. This is not a good thing to do. Contractors need to conduct a thorough inspection, identify what caused the damage, and remove the old roof before installing a new one. By doing this, you are sure that the problems have been identified, addressed, and you won’t have to deal with any roof issues in the near future.

Standoffs and Ladder Stabilizers will be Used to Protect Your Gutters

Contractors usually forget about the gutters during roof installation. The primary focus is usually on what product to get from the metal roofing company, how to actually get on the roof and go about the installation. Ladder stabilizers and standoffs will take a huge load off your gutters, protecting them during replacement. You need to know how the contractors will keep your gutters safe. If they refuse to answer, look for someone else.

Roof installations cost an arm and a leg these days. This is the reason why you need to make sure that you’re signing a contract with the right people from the metal roofing alliance.

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