The Effects of Snow and Ice Buildup on Your Roof

There is a difference between the effect that snow, ice, and rain have on your roof. With rain, the main problem of every home owner has is the amount of weight it adds on to the roof, causing it to give way when the problem is not addressed immediately. Snow and ice on the other hand, affects the durability of the roof. It may not be as strong as it was when it was installed and this can put your property at risk.

A High Possibility of Leaks

According to metal roofing contractors northern Virginia, leaks are most likely to occur when there is a buildup of snow and ice on the roof. When rain falls, it simple slides off but in the case of snow and ice, it can stay there for a long time. The problem, according to metal roofing contractors northern VA only worsens once the frozen water starts to melt. Snow can seep through the roof’s base and since it is more persistent than rain, it can go deep underneath the shingles making the weight even more unbearable.

Formation of Icicles and Ice Dams

There is no point denying how beautiful icicles look. They shine and shimmer when light hits them, making any property look like it’s clothed in glitter. Unfortunately, that is the only value that icicles have. These beautiful frozen pieces add weight to the ends of your roof, leading to more damage in the future. Furthermore, the sharp ends can hurt people who are walking under them. Ice dams, on the other hand, stay on your roof but there’s a chance that it will stay there far longer than it should because it will only freeze up again before sliding off your roof.

Possibility of Leaks Due to Snow

Harm on the Gutter

For the metal roofing company, gutters are not spared from the harmful effects of snow and ice buildup. When these slide off the gutter, extra weight is added to the surface. When solved immediately, this buildup can damage the gutter, leading up to more serious problems in the future.

The metal roof alliance recommends conducting regular roof inspections. It’s best if these are done before seasons of rain, snow, and ice to make sure that it will survive these extreme weather conditions. While metal roofs are known for its durability there’s still a need to inspect of there is a need for repairs to prevent damages. You can do the inspection yourself, but it takes a keen eye to spot problem areas so you would be better off hiring a professional roof inspector.

What seems like a dent to us may actually be a small opening to a bigger issue underneath and this is something that the roof inspector can find solutions to. When the snow season is done, inspect the roof once again to know what its condition is. If you see something that needs to be fixed, contact metal roofing contractors northern Virginia immediately.

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