The Perfect Time to Get a Roof Upgrade

Is there even a perfect time to get a roof replacement? Home owners usually ask that question and metal roofing contractors northern Virginia are quick to reply with a strong yes. One can save so much on labor and materials if the roof is replaced during months that are considered as off season. Metal roofing contractors northern VA work day in and day out the whole year so they know what the advantages and disadvantages are. Home owners, on the other hand, wait as long as possible to lengthen the life span of their roofs. A metal roofing company would have a different take on the question and would answer it with “the perfect time to get a roof upgrade is when everything is well-planned and all details are considered”, which also makes perfect sense.

Peak Season

Summer through fall are considered as the peak season in the realm of roof replacement. A lot of home owners link up with the metal roofing alliance to schedule replacements in the hopes that they will be accommodated at the soonest possible time. Sometimes home owners need to wait for four weeks just to get the replacement done.


One reason why this season is packed is because it’s at the end of the rainy season. Days are a lot cooler, it is easier to predict the weather, and there’s a high percentage that the roof (and those who live under it) will stay dry. The downside? Materials, labor, and anything else that has to do with installing roofs have a sudden surge in prices. This is why metal roofing contractors northern Virginia highly suggest that the replacement be done during the spring, summer, or even winter.

During the Winter

The main advantage of scheduling a roof replacement during winter is that home owners can call on any metal roofing contractors northern VA because they have more free time during this season. They are more accommodating, and they can take their precious time in replacing the roof because they do not need to run off to another client. Materials and labor are also a lot cheaper during this season.

Roof Replacement during Summers

During the Summer

While almost all elements required in replacing roofs still have their prices low during this season, professionals from a metal roofing company still need to deal with the hot days of the season. The heat presents a challenge especially since it becomes more difficult to see, what with the light bouncing off the metal sheets and all. The upside, however, is that there’s only a small possibility of rain.

If you know that the life of your roof is about to end, start doing your research. Call the companies and schedule a replacement so they can fit you in their schedule. It’s best if you can sign a contract so you get the current prices without any increase. If this option makes you feel uncomfortable, schedule the replacement during early summer or spring.

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