Why You Need to Shift from Asphalt Shingles to Metal Roofs

As of writing, what’s been emerging as a sustainable trend in the industry (whether it be about construction or exclusively roofing) is metal roofs. Metal roofing contractors Northern VA give this trivia a huge nod of approval simply because it has plenty of benefits and it is, indeed, value for money. Metal roofing Virginia is loaded with aesthetic and durability factors that it has become the top option for both commercial and residential projects. Not to mention, it has taken over asphalt shingles in the ranks and there are many reasons why.

Life Span

An asphalt shingle can only last for eight to fifteen years. These numbers deem themselves worthy of any home owner’s approval, but are actually small compared to a metal roof’s life span of one hundred years. It’s no wonder that this product from the metal roofing company boomed within such a short time! Home owners save thousands or even millions of dollars and it reduces the hassle of having their roofs replaced every now and then.

Back Camera

Fade Resistant Warranty

One of the main issues that roofing contractor Virginia has with asphalt shingles is it quickly deteriorates. The pleasing appearance disappears because of the degranulation, curling, and streaking. Metal roofs, on the other hand, has a fade resistant warranty of three decades upon application, which means it can preserve its beauty for a good number of years.

Durable Metal Roof

Hassle-free Maintenance

Metal roofing contractors Northern VA highly recommend metal roofs because of the hassle-free maintenance. Asphalt singles, on the other hand, will require an annual maintenance routine which can be quite costly. Moreover, asphalt shingles have the tendency to blow off when there are strong winds because of how they are designed and installed. The sheets from the metal roofing company on the other hand, are interlocked on all four corners and have passed the UL 580 testing which guarantees that they can withstand winds with the speed of 120 mph.

Cooling Effect

The magic of metal roofs for roofing contractor northern Virginia lies in its capacity to make the house cooler. The sheets reflect the heat of the sun which means the house can stay cool even during the hot days of summer. Come winter, the metal roof also functions as an insulator which means the house can stay warm despite the cold temperature outside. Home owners save up on warming and cooling appliances – something that’s just not possible with asphalt shingles.


Love for Nature

Perhaps, out of all of the special features of metal roofing Virginia, what comes out as the most lovable for home and business owners is its being composed of recycled materials. One metal roof contains recycled aluminum which makes it less harmful to the environment. They can also be recycled when the need for them to be replaced comes which happens every one hundred years. The same can’t be said for asphalt shingles which only end up in landfills every single year.

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