How Metal Roofs Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions

Home owners are allowed to choose from tin, copper, to zinc when it comes to picking out the perfect metal roof. Each metal offers unique benefits, but from a wide plethora of advantages, one can see a feature that makes them say yes even if their wallet says no: the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

It’s a scene all too familiar for metal roofing contractors Northern VA: the home owner cringes when seeing the price, but says yes anyway because they see how advantageous it is to invest in the products of a metal roofing company. These metal roofs can last for many decades with warranties that provide up to half a century of coverage. This shortens of course, with the application of a paint finish, but that still sounds like good news!

Resistance to Fire

Roofing contractor northern Virginia agrees that metal roofs are not, in any way, susceptible to fire. Of course, there’s the belief that the metal attracts lightning, but common knowledge also states that the best way to prevent that would be with the help of a lightning rod. With a Class A rating aka the highest rating for fire resistance, metal roofing Virginia has been gaining popularity among contractors and home owners. If the metal roof is placed over wood however, the rating can drop down to Class C.


Resistance to Various Weather Conditions

Metal roofing contractors Northern VA interlock the sheets upon installation. As an aftermath, the sheets can withstand winds that gust up to a whopping 140 miles per hour. Moisture cannot enter the outer surface of these fine sheets from the metal roofing company which means that rain simply drains, slides down, or evaporates from the roof. Snow on the other hand simply disappears after melting off metal roofing Virginia so there’s no need to climb up with a shovel just to push it off the roof. Come summer time, home owners still get to save a lot of money because according to roofing contractor northern Virginia, metal roofs has the ability to protect itself from absorbing the scorching heat coming from the sun. As a matter of fact, it reflects this heat which lessens the high cooling costs during the summer months by a maximum of 25%.

Durable Metal Roof

Care for Mother Nature

Our Science classes tell us that whatever we do to the planet has a huge effect on its health. This , in turn, plays a huge role in the weather that’s why it’s important to keep track of our carbon footprint. If there’s one thing that metal roof buyers should be proud of, it is this: it’s environmentally friendly. Buying from Alpha Rain means putting a roof over your head that’s completely made of recycled materials. If ever the replacement time comes, then there is still no problem because metal roofs are also fully recyclable. An investment on metal roofs means contributing in the worldwide effort to make our planet breathe again.

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