Manage your Electricity Bill with Cool Roof Coating

According to a two year study conducted in Australia, cool roof coating is one way to reduce the air conditioning load. The experiment showed that the load has been decreased by 30% because the coating on metal roofing Virginia filtered and lessened the amount of heat that entered the roof. The study focused on a sample of retail spaces, offices, schools, and houses, all of which revealed that a simple coating of reflective white paint was capable of reflecting 88% of the energy that was coming from the sun. With that as the benchmark, the study also showed that light colored roof reflected less than 65% while roofs with dark colors reflected no more than 25%.

Saving Energy

Further studies showed that across the range of residential and commercial buildings, energy savings was somewhere between 5 and 30%. A huge number of the buildings showed energy savings of more than 15%, and metal roofing contractors Northern VA were in agreement with the numbers that were being shown as aftermaths of the study. Electricity costs for an air conditioned block of two classrooms was decreased to a whopping 1,144 kWh per year which is equivalent to a decrease of a ton of Co2 annually just for those two classrooms. The peak demand and the electricity consumption decreased dramatically, which also meant lower electricity bills and higher savings for the school.

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Simple Solution

Home and business owners are still amazed at how cool roof coating has done wonders for their electricity bill. It’s a simple solution, yet the results are extraordinary. Some owners of these establishments even commented that two decades ago, it was a lot easier and cheaper to install an air conditioning unit than to paint metal roofing Virginia. These days however, the situation is a lot different. Unlike the air conditioning, the cool roof coating and purchase from metal roofing contractors Northern VA is a one time big time investment. Unlike the air conditioning unit which requires an ongoing investment and huge numbers on your electricity bill. The roof coating is a passive cooling solution which reduces heat not just in the roof surface, but also in the non-air conditioned internal spaces and roof cavity.

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The coating is a wonderful balance between chemistry and color. Alpha Rain’s light colored materials do an excellent job in reflecting sunlight and reducing the amount of energy that they absorbed. This is in contrast with dark colored materials that are used to coat metal roofs. Materials with low thermal mass are also a lot quicker in emitting heat compared to those that have high thermal mass. Single storey buildings, those with high air conditioning use, low to zero levels of roof insulation, or roofs that are dark and have aged will greatly enjoy the economic benefits of cool roof coatings. These days the solutions need not be complicated when it comes to conserving energy. Sometimes, a simple switch of roof coating material can already do wonders.

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