5 Common Problems That Could Affect Your Metal Roof

You can have the world’s best product in your hands but that does not make it immune to the potential problems that will arise in the future. There are a lot of things in life that we can’t control, and that includes external or internal factors that can affect the products we invested huge amounts in. Metal roofing company gave their full disclosure on these truths, and the good thing about being aware of possible problems is that you can be one step ahead and start thinking of solutions before they actually happen.


A leaky roof is every home or business owner’s nightmare. Metal roofing Virginia agrees that it’s possible leakages can happen to metal roofs, mostly caused by external factors such as human error. Weather occurrences, wind, ice damming, structural damage, heavy snow, and driving rain are other factors that cause metal roofs to leak. Working with reliable contractors and professional roof installers can help prevent these from happening.


Oil Canning

Metal roofing contractors Northern VA agree that oil canning is one of the most common problems. Oil canning is often caused by stress from roll forming and coil slitting of the panels, lack of space for the thermal contraction and expansion, alternations in the original form of the structure, and improper storage, handling, and usage. Solutions to this problem would be going for thicker metals, or using rib roller profiles.

Dissimilar Metals and Materials

The combination of different types of metals on the roof system can cause interactions that will lead to staining, degradation, and other issues. The repairs can cause an arm and a leg, depending on the extent of the damage. The best way to prevent this would be to talk to metal roofing contractors Northern VA and inform them about the materials that will be in contact with the roofing system.



Any metal roofing company would agree that their products can prevent corrosion. However, there are instances when these can still occur, especially when the metal is not coated properly with the protective paint system, exposed to saltwater (and it was not given proper treatment before exposure), or if there are cut edges that invite early corrosion. To prevent this from happening, work with a roof installer who understands how to properly treat the metal roof.

Scratching and Scuffing

Thanks to the application of paint systems, metal roofs are bound to have scratching and scuffing at some point. While manufacturers are cautious enough to avoid causing scratches on the coils during recoiling and slitting, the case may be different when the products are in transit and brought to the buyer. Let the manufacturer know of scratches and scuffs so they can replace the metal roof panels immediately.

Folks who are working at metal roofing Virginia agree that to avoid these problems, it’s best that home or business owners work closely with the contractors and installers since they know what the potential threats are and how to avoid them.

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