Tips in Choosing the Right Metal Roof for Your Home

Wherever you maybe in the spectrum, knowing a thing or two about the differences among metal roofing materials can help you. The information is handy for manufacturers, architects, and distributors so they can make recommendations to their clients. Just the same, the knowledge about the different materials that a metal roofing company offers can benefit home owners when it comes to choosing the right one for their homes.

Copper Roofing

Copper goes all the way back to the time of the Romans. In fact, the Pantheon that they built in 27 B.C. has metal roofs made of copper.  Tagged as the most premium roofing material, this metal enhances the aesthetics of a building or house, what with its reddish-brown color. As it ages, a blue-green covering develops caused by the exposure to the sun. It becomes even more beautiful as it ages and that’s one of the reasons why it’s being chosen, albeit being more pricey than other roofing materials.


Aluminum Roofing

Dubbed as the most popular and predominant metal in the world, aluminum makes an excellent metal for roofing specifically for houses and buildings near the sea. This metal withstands extreme weather conditions and is considered as one of the most sustainable metals. This is the reason why it has become the top choice when it comes to metal roofing materials. It does not rust, corrode, and it is very lightweight. According to metal roofing contractors Northern VA, this material is highly recyclable, and the best part is, it’s highly affordable.

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Stainless Steel

Metal roofing Virginia believes that stainless steel has proven itself time and again because it’s a sturdy, durable metal that can last for years – a practical choice for home and business owners. Stainless steel roofs do a swell job in providing protection without the extra cost.


Zinc is an excellent option for people who want metal roofs that can last for a good number of years. Its features include sustainability and immunity to corrosion, which are right top priorities of home owners or contractors. For metal roofing Virginia, one of the reasons why zinc is one of the top preferences for roofing materials is because these are so easy to come by.

Metal roofs are becoming a more popular option these days because they are friendly to the environment because they are made of recycled materials. Should the time for their replacement come, owners need not worry because these metal roofs are fully recyclable. It’s true that they can be a bit more pricey than other roofing materials, but they still end up being a better option because they can last for more than half a century. The initial investment will indeed make one cringe, but the good part is, there’s no need to purchase another set of metal roofs for the next fifty years. They are also low maintenance, so that’s one less thing to worry about for home and business owners.

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