Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Metal Roof for your Next Home

The words “sturdy” and “durable” always pop-up whenever metal roofs are discussed and rightfully so. Once exclusively used in the construction of industrial buildings, container houses, and warehouses, metal roofs became a popular choice among home owners over the last ten years because of its benefits.

Value for Money

When you buy metal roofs, you are not only putting a roof over your head; you’re purchasing time. According to metal roofing contractors Northern VA, metal roofs can last for more than half a century, which means you don’t need to stress about having it repaired or replaced for that period of time. Asphalt shingles can only last for 12 – 20 years, which means every so often you have to buy replacements and hire contractors to remove the old asphalt shingles. You then have to go to the landfill to turn over the old shingles and repeat the pattern at least four or five times in your lifetime. Metal roofs can be quite expensive, but the benefits and time freedom you get as a home owner is worth every single penny.

Metal Matters

Three metals pop up when metal roofing virginia is discussed. These are copper, aluminum, and steel. The former has the potential to last for more than a hundred hears, while steel and aluminum can last for fifty years or more. Albeit more expensive than asphalt shingles, metal roofing contractors Northern VA agree that metal roofs come out cheaper in the long run because they are low-maintenance, and you take your mind off it once it’s installed.

Qualities of Metal Roof

No Matter the Weather

One of the common issues that most home owners have when it comes to roofs is its tendency to give way once exposed to different weather conditions. Metal roofing virginia is weather resistant, and this is because of the minimal seam that connects the standing-seam roof’s sturdy panels. Rotting is not an issue for metal roofs and it prevents water from leaking inside the house. In case of fire, metal roofs can keep your house from burning. They can also stay in place even when winds blow up to 140 miles per hour. Snow shedding is a breeze, it makes snow and ice shedding effortless to keep it from building up.

More than the price and the material, what you really need to look into is sustainability. Are the materials harmful for the environment? If the answer is yes then go look for other options. Metal roofs are eco-friendly, sustainable options for roofing because these are made from 30 – 60% recycled materials. Should the time come for it to be replaced, you don’t need to worry about dumping it in a junk yard because these are fully recyclable. Metal roofs are also lightweight, so you can design houses with lighter structures. You also get to save on cooling systems because metal roofs can keep the house cool by reflecting the heat of the sun.

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