Tips for Homeowners to Choose Right Metal Roof

When it comes to discussions about putting a roof above your head, one topic that has stirred the interest of many is metal roofing. The dramatic increase of metal roofing opportunities over the past decades cannot go unnoticed, and most of the credit goes to industrial builders and homeowners who decided to switch from asphalt shingles to metal roofs.

Albeit more costly, metal roofs are more durable, and are worth every single penny. What was once exclusively used for the construction of factories, boxy contemporary homes, buildings, small container houses, and warehouses is now accessible to homeowners who want to invest in a roofing system that can stand the tests of time.With all the available metal roofs in the market, how can homeowners choose the right one? We listed some tips below:

Put a Premium on Sustainability

These days, it’s all about choosing products that cause less damage to our home planet. In fact, the major reason why most homeowners switched to metal roofs is because it is more Eco-friendly compared to asphalt shingles. They also do a swell job at reflecting the sun which means your house will be a lot cooler.

When choosing metal roofs, go for the ones that are mostly made up of recycled materials and are fully recyclable should you need to change or upgrade in the future. That way nothing goes to waste. Installation and removal of metal roofs is not a problem at all since these are lightweight.


Metal Matters

When it comes to picking metal roofs for your homes, you have three options: steel, copper, and aluminum. According to metal roofing contractors Northern VA, aluminum and steel have a lifespan of fifty years. Copper, however, can last for one hundred years. While it’s true that metal roofs can be a bit more expensive than asphalt shingles (even more if you prefer copper roofs), it’s still a wise investment because it can last for fifty to one hundred years.

choose metal roof

Shingles or Panels

You will also need to consider the design when choosing metal roofs for your home. If you want a more refined, classic look,  go for metal shingles. The metals are cut then shaped so it dons the classic tile’s beautiful curves. To achieve that rustic look, you will need to treat the metal shingles with some layers of finish. Now, if you are more into smooth surfaces, clean lines, or modern designs, then standing-seam or panel-style metal roofs just might be up your alley. Standing-seam metal roof panels are vertical sheets with raised ribs that easily add an industrial, contemporary feel to your exteriors.

There are so many metal roofing opportunities out there, you just need to know where to look. You can ask your friends for referrals or rely on trusty online search engines and enter the keywords  “metal roofing contractors Northern VA” to direct you to websites that offer designs, color combinations, and even service installations for your metal roofs.

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