New Techniques to Include in Metal Roofing Systems

Not so long ago, many are anxious with metal roofing since most are used to the traditional type of roofing system particularly the asphalt roofing shingle. They’ve thought that such roofing system can be heavy, the entire house would look like a barn because of its looks, and this would not be a practical option.

However, thanks to technology, metal roof system are now available for virtually every structure and design whether commercial buildings, modern or traditional home structure. In fact, soft malleable metals such as lead could be installed along with steel, aluminum and mechanized materials which makes the roofing system cost effective. Indeed, there are countless metal roofing opportunities you can find these days.


Innovation Of Protective Coating Steel

Zinc + Metal + Steel

Metal is a heat transfer element and therefore, this can make the area hot. But, when metal is in contact such as zinc, it will give up electrons and oxidize that will eventually prevent oxidation of the other metal which is steel. This kind of metal composition can extend the life of the products made from galvanized roofing steel. The zinc coated steel will provide a utility the roof that supports and overhangs the entire structural system.

Alloy Zinc + Aluminum

Using galvalume composed of the alloy of zinc and aluminum can greatly increase the durability of the roofing system along with the coating zinc. There is also roofing system which is unpainted galvalume system which is intended for non-residential roofing which is often used for low slope standing seam roofs. This is a replacement for non-metallic build up rubber roofs for steeper slope.

Prepainted Galvalume Sheet

This is mostly used for steep slope roofing. This intends to enhance the appearance of the overall structure of the building. This also uses color, form, and texture to make it appealing. The non-residential roofing system, on the other hand, can be new or retrofit both on steel and nonmetallic materials.

Pre Painted Galvalume Sheet

The Evolution Of Metal Roofing

Today, perhaps every homeowner would love to have a metal roofing system installed to their homes. Because of its energy efficiency, effectiveness, aesthetic, durability and plenty of more reasons, it is no longer a surprise that you would also love to have this at your home. Beyond the increasing demands, many metal roofing contractors Northern VA believes that the evolution of metal roofing system seems to be unstoppable.

Cool Roof Metal

This what makes the metal roofing industry upsurge both in commercial and residential structure. Many would love to have a cool roofing system. There are galvalume finishes which are very reflective. Keep in mind that a cool roof system needs high reflective element particularly albedo and with high emissivity.

Photovoltaics Metal Roofing

Undeniably, the concept of photovoltaics metal roofing system is now growing and for good reasons. After all, many would love to have a sustainable roofing system. The idea of the roofing system combines with photovoltaic arrays with standing seam metal roofing. Along with the zero penetration technology, this creates over than 30 years power source for a 30-year roof.

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