How to Manage Moisture on Steep-Slope Roofing Systems

Most major roofing manufacturers highly recommend the importance of proper ventilation system. This helps any roofing structure to control the moisture and prolonging its life. Regardless how tough the materials are, if it does not have the proper airflow, molds and mildew will arise that deteriorates the structure over time. In fact, the ventilation system in the attic is widely accepted amongst homeowners, architects, and roofers as one of the most important factors to prolong the lifespan of the roof.

The Challenge

How to Manage Moisture on Steep-Slope Roofing Systems

While innovating airflow system can be challenging particularly during hot summer days. Controlling the temperature to avoid moisture is indeed significant to the overall structure of the roofing system. However, managing both temperature and moisture may not be suited for a typical ventilation system. For an instance, the steep-slope roofing structure, glue-lam, post, and beams would probably structure by asphalt shingle, slate or metal. By now, if you know a bit about the roof, then you know the fact that these structures give you a headache. Not to mention that some of the cooling attic systems can be pretty much expensive with a less cooling result.

Ventilation Nail Base Insulation

Therefore, to deal with the problem and solve such difficulty, roofers apply the ventilated nail base insulation which is commonly known in the roofing business. It was developed with its advanced airspace layer called the polyiso insulation that serves as the roof covering. It is designed to control heat drive into space below. This allows the air exhaust system before condensation because of the heat.

The Ventilation Nail base Insulation is installed at the top of the steep slope which can be steel or wood. With its effectiveness and competency when it comes to the design and structure of roofing system, it will continue to grow and develop for a prominent solution.

Alpha Rain Powered by Therma Vent

How to Manage Moisture on Steep-Slope Roofing Systems (1)

The demand for a proper ventilation system and attic moisture prevention is extremely high. Hence, Alpha Rain Inc. developed their own patented attic cooling system which helps several homeowners in most parts of Virginia who are looking for the best option for a reasonable price. The result is indeed amazing turning the attic temperature from 160 degrees down to 93 degrees.

The cooling system is powered by Therma Vent which is composed of multiple cooling systems. The metal roofing itself is designed to protect the roofing system from the harmful UV rays. The design can literally bounce off the heat making your entire roofing system cooler.

The patented ventilation cooling system allows your home to become cooler and you no longer have to worry about your energy bills. You have the option to make the most out of the multiple exhaust fans producing proper airflow to the entire ventilation system. It is powered by solar panels which means whenever the sun gets hot, the fans will work harder.

The patent cooling ventilation system by Therma Vent is approved and recognized by the GAF. Alpha Rain Inc. would gladly want to help your ventilation cooling needs to make a better and cooler atmosphere at your home.

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