Install Cool Roof Coating to Save Energy

Unarguably,  coating your roof allows your home to get an energy efficient atmosphere that reduces heat energy. In fact, the coating itself is designed to block harmful UV rays and waterproofing protection at the same time. Above all, It does not just make your roofing beautiful but also protects and prolong its lifespan.

Materials Break Down

As the roof is exposed to heat, regardless whether it is a traditional asphalt roofing or metal roofing premiums, over the years, the materials will break down. The chemical break down starts to ruin your overall roofing appearance and its function. Not to mention molds and mildews manifestation which deteriorates the materials fast. While roof coating protects and strengthens the roofing materials.

Energy Efficiency

You can find energy star roof coatings at your favorite hardware stores or in most cases, metal roofing contractors Northern VA include it as one of the roofing warranty perks. The coating lowers the surface temperature and decreases the interior temperature. It reduces the heat from 7 to 10 degrees allowing you to reduce your cooling cost.


Thermal Emittance

The more heat means you need to increase the usage of your air conditioning system. While the thermal emittance allows your home or building to get a cooler room temperature. In layman’s term, the quality roof coating bounces off the damaging ultraviolet coming from the sun and infrared sunlight. It allows you to reduce your air conditioning units usage.

Capture 2

Avoids Early Roof Replacement

Small leaks and other minor damages can lead you into a devastating situation whenever you overlook the problem. In most cases, it can be dealt with and repaired before any mishaps happen. Roof coating, on the other hand, may be able to avoid full-scale replacement if you utilize the right coating to your roofing system. In fact, roof restoration uses a coating which allows you as a homeowner to save at least 50 up to 70% when you compare it to roofing replacement.

Sustainable Environment-Friendly

One of the most important advantages of having energy efficient coating is that it can help reduce waste by extending the life of the roofing materials. It does minimize the amount of debris during repairs and maintenance. Moreover, these days, there are coatings which are formulated for environment safety that you no longer have to worry about when it comes to producing chemicals. Cool roof coating can reduce the local air temperature that decreases energy demand during peak seasons.

Fade Resistance And Overall Aesthetic

Finally, cool reflective coating helps your roof maintenance and improves its overall aesthetic looks. Regardless the age of your house structure, you cannot go wrong making it look like the 21st modern home. It creates a resilient barrier between the harmful elements produced by the sun. The right cool roof coating can guard your roof against rays and protects the entire home from UV damage. Since the coating is reflective, the color itself would not fade for several years to come. It does make your house more appealing and increases its value.

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