6 Mistakes Everyone Make When Selling Roofing 

When it comes to increasing conversion in any types of business, it is not just how awesome the product, or how fancy the service you are offering. It is about selling. In roofing contractors Northern Virginia for example, there are a lot of companies that can offer wide ranges of the top of the line roofing products, materials, and innovations. Yet, there are only few who can sell.

Website Is Overlooked

It is probably one of the most neglected marketing strategies when it comes to hardware industries. These days, in order for a company to be assessed by the potential customers, they don’t need to visit the company to inquire. The simplest and fastest way to do so is by visiting the company’s website. This would be the company’s frontage to reach leads. Keep in mind that first impression always last and therefore, your website should look great than others. Another would be the online dominance. The more you dominate the SERP, the more you can increase the cash flow.

Visiting Website

Visiting The Potential Roofing Project Unprepared

Now, as soon as you got the inquiry, it is time to get into business by visiting the roofing project. Make sure that you look good and professional when approaching the potential customer. While you may have been working on another roofing project, never enter a home looking dirty. However, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to wear a suit and a tie. Your company’s uniform with the logo on it will do. Keep in mind that in order for you to make that sale, you must sale yourself first by making an impression. Represent yourself and the company by mentioning that you are part of the metal roofing alliance.

The Sales Pitch

Most often, sales representatives fail not because the product and the pitch but rather, how they present the sales pitch itself. Some are too aggressive while others are pathetic. Make sure that you know how to present the pitch in different angles and answer all the customer’s questions.

Not Listening Well

In order for your client to be interested in you, you must be interested in what they say. Part of your job is to listen to the problem and you as the company’s representative have the solution. It is highly recommended not to interrupt them while they are talking even though that you encountered the situation before. Let them speak of what they feel about the roof and put yourself in their shoes. In sales, you need to connect with your clients by understanding how they feel. This will make them feel that you are really concern about the issue and not their pockets.

Not Educating The Customer

Explain to the client the things that must be done including the repair, replacement and the entire process. Watch out for terminologies since not all are aware of the roofing industry. For example, if you are speaking with a couple, make sure that the wife is not out of the loop. Moreover, don’t forget to mention the benefits of ventilation system recognized and approved by the metal roofing alliance Show them how it helps to extend the lifespan of your metal roof and its energy efficiency features.


Not Asking Permission

First, you must ask their permission when inspecting the shingle, the structure, the attic and the threats prior to the roofing project. Some roofing contractors Northern Virginia would actually tell the homeowners that there is a huge problem with the roof without explaining it. It is the old scare tactic selling approach that can put your selling pitch into jeopardy. When inspecting the roof, it is important to show them proofs and issues, pointing out and explaining the problem and offering the solution.

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