Preventive Measures to be Safe on Roofing Job

A roofer or roof contractor is a very decent job, yet, it is also dangerous as well. It can put your life in danger and injuries. In fact, according to the 2013 Fatal Occupational Injuries Association, there over than 700 cases died on their job which the 39 percent of those are roofers or related to roofing installation. Therefore, you should understand why you have to pay good money when it comes to metal roofing installation. Metal roofing job is a serious business where it includes expertise.  You are not just paying the materials. Prior to the line of their work, they put their lives on the line for you.

There are guidelines from roofing contractors Northern Virginia which you must follow for safety and management. Applying these can prevent accidents and can decrease the number of rate of injuries and fatalities.

Specific Information

Before starting the roofing project or a metal roofing job, one must be able to distinguish between what you are dealing with and the roofing project. Keep in mind that not all houses or buildings were built the same. Some are pretty old while others were built recently. It is not wise for roofing contractors to climb on the roof and do what they have to do immediately. The structure itself must be studied including the materials and how old the house/building is. Safety practices should be applied to each project and assessing the building itself is one.


Lead By Example

When making the rules, you must also follow the rules. It is important to lead by example as you work for safety. Your subordinates will follow your leads as you play by the rule you applied. The rule of the thumb is simple by roofing contractors Northern Virginia. – “Safety First”.

The Site

Make sure that everyone knows in the community that there is a structure or roofing project going on. It includes warning signs and even permits from the local authorities. The site must be clean and organized at all time. The materials must be ready, the equipment and there must be a place for scrap or used materials. This ensures that the project has fewer hazards and makes the project more productive.


Identify Danger Areas

There would be power lines and other dangerous areas which need to be avoided. It is important to identify and avoid these dangerous areas including the roof access and other hazards such as cesspools. Inspecting the overall site and the roofing project itself is a must. This includes the equipment and tools which are going to be used during the project. The ladder, for example, must be inspected before using it.


Do not leave equipment unattended. It is important to take them off the site every day. There should be a particular place for everything. If possible, keep them and lock them overnight. This can avoid accidents and injuries when you everything has a place and there is a place for everything.

Use The Proper Tools

Using the right tools when executing a task can make the job done and make your life simple. Using a nail gun is easier compared to hammering the nails down. Wearing eye protection, gloves, headgear protection, flashing, dip, plier etc. will make the job faster and safer.


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