What are the Roles of All Parties in Commercial Roofing?

It takes expertise to design and create commercial roof, and it takes 1 roof at a time in a house to make a village.Buildings are meant as edifice structure with a good roof and standing walls.  In order to build, there are several partners and co-working individuals which obviously a pretty much-complicated one. In this article, learn and understand the roles of each party in this project and the know-hows of the best roof.

Roles of All Parties in Commercial Roofing

The Designers

Everything starts with an idea and this is where the designers come in. Architects are the ones who put together the overall design of the house and the specification of the roofing system. Mostly, the specs they are going to provide are generics intended for buildings. Yet, this may vary depending on the project itself and propriety. These designers the best option for a particular project which most of the parties must agree. They are the ones to select the materials, code compliance, the design itself and the coverage of the warranty.


They play a vital role not just to the project itself but also to the entire roofing system of the building. The materials are the ones keeping the building and this is where what keeps it watertight which brings the lifespan of the roofing system. Manufacturers are the ones who can recommend contractors and architects and additional materials needed for the project. Manufacturers must provide the guarantee which again will vary depending on the warranty. Warranties will cover defected materials, and errors when it comes to the workmanship of the project. Major players in this industry have their own representative to supervise and assist what are the further needs of the project.

Roofing Contractors

Roofers or roofing contractors will be hired by the building owner to the actual installation of the materials. Thus, even though manufacturers can suggest, but the building owner is still the one to make things done. A metal roofing contractor will provide different types of services including the warranty on the roofing, maintenance, and repairs. The preventive maintenance agreement covers the life of the roofing system. They can provide programs that can help the roof to prolong its service and extend the length the lifespan of the roofing itself.


These people are hired to handle the overall project which includes the process of the roof and the design of the building. They are the ones who will study the specification of the materials and accepts the bid of a certain contractor. They can also provide the project management of the entire project. They are the ones who make sure the quality of the materials and the workmanship of the contractors are competent.

General Contractors

These contractors are hired by the building owner to handle the entire building structure and the process itself. They hire or look for subcontractors which include the electrical, mechanical, roofing and structure of the project.

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