Factors and Cool Metal Roof

If you’ve been online for quite some time now, probably you read both positive factors which regard to roofing. Many would say that the best roofing would be the ones which have cool or reflective structure. While for every structure must include energy efficiency which can save billions. However, some would conclude that cool roofing is somehow overhyped and sugar coated.  Since you got this research, you know the fact that this kind of issue is indeed a complex one because it serves a pretty much hot topic on the internet. Cooling, on the other hand, is hard to accomplish especially if the house has a low ceiling structure. From the thermographic point of view, your location and global warming phenomena.

Is It Fine To Use More Insulations?

When it comes to the cool metal roof system of the roof, using additional insulation may lessen the energy savings effectively. How so? The rule of thumb is simple, about R-30, if you have a small roof, it requires a smaller contribution to energy savings, yet, the overall reflectivity is a net plus or minus on the roof regardless of how many insulation you installed. Not to mention that reflective and the emissivity factors would be affected as well.Roof maintenance

How About My Electricity Bill?

This is all about what Karl Marx has to say about the supplies and demands prior to the law of value. The more the supply is needed, the more it increases its value. During peak season in the hottest summer days, many homeowners would double their energy consumption because of the extreme heat. Moreover, the demand for electricity is high and therefore, this does the increasing value factor. This means, your roof with the right structure,  right airflow and temperature it can help you to reduce your bill. At the same time, cool metal roof lets you reduce your expenses by increasing the thermostat to the lowest temperature or probably adding another AC unit just to meet your cooling needs.

Is The Structure Of the House Is An Issue?

This is an advance roofing system question and this may vary depending on the situation of the house itself. As mentioned, the structure can affect the cooling system if the design has a lower ceiling or attic. All in all, the below deck and no vapor retarder can handle vapor drive and loads.

Should I Be Concerned About The Roofing Contractors?

Absolutely yes. Look for metal roofing contractors that offer LEED, Green Globes or Energy Star. Also, if you are planning to sell your house in a near future, the roofing can increase its value. Another factor that you need to consider when looking for metal roofing contractors would be its primary expertise. Some are experts in roofing, other would be expert in a cooling system, while you can find reliable roofing contractors that can do both.

Alpha Rain Metal Roofing

How About Its Reflectivity Features?

TPO is a great solution, but keep in mind that the primary use of your roofing system is to protect you from many kinds of climate and not just during hot summer. There are certain types of roofing designs which can be better served in the different roofing system. It should not be overlooked, and always listen to your contractor’s suggestions.


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