How to Safely Inspect Your Roof After a Storm?

This holiday season, aside from gifts and Christmas cards, you are also expecting hail storms, punishing winds, hurricanes and cold breeze. True, such climate is inevitable and as homeowners, you should be ready from the damages that can occur. Hence, it is crucial on your part to do some post storm inspection and find credible roofers in your area for repairs if needed so. But, you no longer have to wait until your roofing contractor inspects your home. In fact, there are few things you can do to assess any damages by yourself even though you are not a professional roofer. Yet, it is still need to look for a reliable metal roofing company to do inspections and necessary actions.

Start Inside

You don’t need to climb up to your roofing system just yet. You can simply determine any damages by simply checking the attic. One of the obvious ways to find out if there are any damages is by finding any sunlight showing through the decking. This simply indicates that there is/are hole/s which needed to be repaired as soon as possible.

In case there are obvious holes, it is important to look closely as you use a flashlight to inspect the decking if there are some leaks.

2, dark strains, signs of sagging. These are caused by moisture and this manifestation should not be overlooked. Metal roofing contractors will be able to determine these manifestations. If so, they will inform you whether the entire ceiling needs to be replaced or not.

Next Is Outside

You can also see most if not all outside your house. Just assessing the roof on the ground level can identify damages and necessary repairs. Missing or damaged shingles must be replaced as quickly as possible. You can cover the damaged shingles until your roofers inspect your entire roofing system. Cracks and curled shingles can be caused by hails and sometimes high winds. This can affect the overall architecture of your roofing system. Overtime, this can cause leaks and deterioration.

Detached Flashing is obvious during winter season and fall. The flashing should be properly sealed in order to prevent water intrusion. This can lead your roofing from bad to worse if you missed this problem.

Debris should not be overlooked when inspecting your roofing system. Objects like branch may seem not a big deal but it does over time. In fact, these objects can lose your shingles or perhaps covering a crack that can cause you more problems.

House Hunting

Lastly Is On The Roof

As mentioned, you don’t have to do this and just wait for the roofer to inspect this part of your roofing. But, if you are confident enough to climb up a ladder and the weather itself is favorable allowing you to doing this safely, on the roof allows you to have a better and closer look.

When it comes to strong winds and hail storms, there is a chance that nails can be loosen up as the heads raised above the surface of the shingle. If you found gutter debris, then this can contribute ice dams and it needs to be be removed.

As you identifies all these roofing damages, it is wise to call a local reputable metal roofing company right away. After the storm or hailstorm, you may encounter some offers from unfamiliar metal roofing contractors that offers the cheapest price. This does  not necessarily mean that these contractors is your best options. It is wise to find certified roofing contractors in your area.

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