Most Common Roofing Errors Home Owners Make

You see a lot of stuff going on to your roof and perhaps it is time for you to repair or upgrade your roofing system. Indeed, putting a new roof can be expensive and most people would look for ways on how to minimize the expense. However, when a roofing project is built with shoddy amateur workmanship, this can lead you into a more devastating situation which requires you higher costing than you know.  Here are the most common roofing errors of homeowners.

metal roofing

Improper Installation of Shingles

Many amateurs make this mistake before they even begin the overall project. Keep in mind that roofing system would base its structure to the shingle. It is a vital task to lay down a starter section of the shingle along with the heaves. If this structured does not installed properly, water can invade the roofing system and can make sheathing at the bottom and under the cutouts of the shingles.


Another mistake most amateur roofers make is an improper slope. Selecting improper materials that do not match to the roofing materials may lead the home susceptible to water suspension. For example, if the materials you are going to use for your roofing system is asphalt, a minimum of four units of the slope is required per twelve is highly recommended. While, it is a different structure when you are going to install wood, tile shingle or shakes. It is essential to avoid these roofing errors particularly this one.

Improper Nailing

If the roofing system is not nailed correctly, or the roofers only use a few nails for the installation, it is obvious that the structure is not dependable which will not last during hurricanes and other violent climates. Expert roofers will use at least 4 nails in a single shingle only and raise that minimum up to six if necessary in order to build a tough structure. In addition, nailing should be driven above the sealing strip.


Compromising Materials Over Expenses

You are looking for cheap materials in order to minimize your expenses is indeed understandable. Who wants to look for price tags which are cut from your budget. But, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to compromise the roofing materials just for the benefit of cutting the cost. Though it seems like you cut off the expenses, your roofing system won’t last for long. Keep in mind that when it comes to roofing, this is one of your valuable assets. This structure protects you from different types of climates like a hailstorm. If the materials are compromised, it is only a matter of time that your roofing system would deteriorate and you have to go through to another expense all over again.

DIY Instead Of Hiring  Professionals

Finally, probably the most highlighted roofing errors homeowners make is –  instead they hire a professional roofer, they stick with the cheapest by DIY (Do It Yourself) “themselves” They thought that this is a simple task like building a wooden dog house but actually it isn’t.

Avoid these common roofing errors if you really want to minimize your expenses.  Find the most reputable roofers in your area with skilled workers and highly knowledgeable

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