Best Questions to ask your Roofing Contractor

Picking out a roofing contractor is usually the first step to securing the ideal roof for your dream home. An appointment to seal the deal will be necessary of course, but do you know the questions to ask the roofing experts? Asking questions shows that you understand fully the needs which you want the roofing contractor to implement. It also helps you to gauge the capabilities of the metal roofing company in getting the job done.

Needless to say, some questions are not that important. For instance, asking the contractor how long they have been in the business might seem so important, but it isn’t that weighty really. A new entry might do a better job, especially modern wise, than a metal roofing company who has been in the job for a significant while

1 . Can I review your portfolio? Who was on site?

A roofing contractor will probably have experts in the field working on different projects. They must allow you to see their past projects, who did what, and how long it took to complete each project. A serious contractor can even offer to take you onsite to see the experts in action. If possible, you could also ask to talk to some of their clients whom they have worked for. For more insight, you can read verified customer reviews on their website, if there are any.

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2. What inspires your experts?

A good roofing expert will rotate around passion, talent, and a special calling when answering this question. Sometimes, when it comes to fields like roofing, talent and calling precede training.

3. Do you have any certification issues?

The last thing you want is a contractor who wants to take shortcuts with legislation. Documents proving up-to-date compliance with the law must be presented. Will they also be required to file a building permit with the authorities before commencing on your project?

Insurance also goes hand in hand with this. Ask whether there’s a general liability plan which covers your property and even the employees on site. On the same, ask whether your new roof will be covered by a warranty plan after installation.

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4. Who will be supervising the project?

Other than the experts on site, there should be an additional party whose sole responsibility is to supervise the project’s progress.

5. Are there any additional costs on top of our calculated initial budget?

To avoid conflict, the contractor must clarify whether they will need you to fund them on top of your initially agreed budget.

6. How are you going to take care of the disposables?

Roofing installations and repairs produce a lot of waste, especially wood. The contractor must clearly reassure you on how this waste will be taken care of.


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