When Could it be Time to change Your Roofing?

The solid roofing system above your head is crucial, yet, most people overlooked this fact, and somehow, they eventually change their roofing system too late. If you are a type of person who is meticulous and accustomed to having a cozy atmosphere inside your home, then, here is how to determine whether to change your roofing system and identify issues before it becomes from bad to worse.


The shingle structure can curl in two different ways. Both are signs that your roofing system is getting weaker due to its age and bad weather. First, the cupping. This happens when the edge of the shingles at your roof is starting to turn upward. You can only identify shingles which are cupping when you look closely and pay attention to your roof. Second is the clawing. In this case, the edges of the shingles are flat, yet you can at the middle, it starts coming up. In this situation, the time you got left will vary depending on the extent of curling.

Curled Roof


This is a result of violent wind, particularly from hurricanes. Several weeks ago, the country was devastated by two hurricanes and this can be very alarming. If you have a few shingles which are cracked due to hurricane Harvey and Irma. Not to mention that – here is another hurricane Jose. Then the best thing to do is to replace them. Yet, if cracking is isolated throughout the roof, it would be the time to act quickly and upgrade your roof into metal roofing.


Sagging is an indication of structural problems. In most cases, sagging can happen when the home structure was made over than 50 years ago. This could be a problem when it comes to the attic and decking as well. This can be even worse as the foundation of the entire roofing system. You don’t want to mess your entire home, do you? You got no time left prior to this matter and the best way to do so is by calling a professional roofing company.

Sunlight From Your Attic

This is an obvious sign that your roofing system has a serious damage. What if a few days from now, it’s going to rain? You must be able to determine where the light is coming from and check if there is also water strains. At this point, you got an active leak that can damage the attic or even worse like the pieces of stuff you keep in that particular area.

Moss And Algae

This is the kind of situation that you should not panic. This could be just a cosmetic issue, yet if you’ll not pay attention to this problem, this can be a major issue in the soonest time. Keep in mind that moss and algae are the ones who are responsible why your roofing materials are deteriorating fast. Yet, this does not necessarily mean that you are going to replace your roof. In fact, just a few scrubs, washing and scraping away those unwanted green thingamajig, your roofing system will be as good as new. This could only mean that you have a poor ventilation system, so, if you really want to avoid this, then it is wise to ensure that the airflow system of your attic is in good condition.


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