Roofing Warranties|Things to Keep in Mind

Now that you’ve finally decided to upgrade your traditional roofing system into metal roof, there are many things that you need to understand first, before signing a contract. One, in particular, would be the warranties. If you purchased a new roofing system to your home, you should receive two different warranties. The first warranty is the manufacturing roofing materials that covers the integrity of their product. Second is the contractor that covers the installation and workmanship of the roofers.

Warranties – Things To Bear In Mind

In most cases, roofers would take the advantage of the homeowners due to information lacking. Most often, homeowners assume that the manufacturing warranty covers everything and therefore, what they mostly do is to charge the homeowner in case of maintenance and repairs. However, it is not the case when signing a contract in any metal roofing Virginia companies. In line with this, it makes sense to always read the terms and condition of the roofing contract inch by inch before signing it. For queries, you should not rely on the roofer’s word, but rather, always ask for a document.


Roof Warranty Terms

Another important factor that you need to keep in mind is the fact that different roofers have different terms and condition when it comes to their warranties. For an instance, you purchased a MacBook and its warranty is to last until next year. While you may find that other laptops such as Dell or Asus have 2 years warranty. This can be very tempting when it comes to the longevity of the warranty, yet of course, you know that Mac computer is the premium one. It is critical to understand the fine print of the product together with the warranty. Many metal shingle roofing materials can be expected to deteriorate after 10 years, while the warranty only covers 5 years. In this case, it really does not make any sense at all.



Back Camera

Fine Print

The product warranty will have 4 important factors and these are –

Material’s Defect – In metal roofing this can be a rare case but, it is significant that you know this factor just in case.

Exclusions – this includes the maximum payout, requirements for installation including the building or construction permit in your area.

Proration – THis means that as the homeowner, you will receive a less compensation when roofing material failure occurs.

Transferability – In most cases, roofers will not transfer the warranty in case there will be a new homeowner.

Service Warranty

When signing a metal roofing Virginia project, keep in mind that you are not just paying the materials but also the workmanship from the contractors. When installing a metal roof,  find a metal shingle roofing company that specializes in this particular matter. When it comes to the warranty, you should ask written warranty that specifically identifies what the service covers. This includes how long the warranty covers and also under in what term. The service warranty should cover at least 2 years, yet it is highly recommended to look for longer service warranty rather than the prerequisite minimum years. The service warranty is not transferable and takes not that storm resistance may fail under the product warranty.

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