Basics of Standing Seam Metal Roof

For such a long time, you wanted a better roofing system yet your only choice would be the asphalt shingle. Other options are weak and you could only wish that there is a better option for you together with your family. Back then, it seems like the standing seam metal roofing system is just one of your wildest imagination and somehow, it could be impossible for average homeowners to have this kind of roofing. Most were used from buildings and sophisticated residential structures.

Asphalt Shingles will Stay

Of course, you want cheaper roofing materials and your only option would be the asphalt and composition shingles. But, keep in mind that composition prior to your roof is not everything. There are two problems that you can encounter along the way. One would be the cost of composite shingle. Its price tag will vary depending on the demand of oil since this type of material is derived from petroleum. Secondly, would be the overall maintenance. If you had been cleaning your gutter for a while, then you know how difficult and how complicated it is.


But, Metal Roofing Will Dominate

While standing seam metal roofing has a different story. Not just because it has a different type of material, but also the roofing system offers different features of size, shape, installation method and maintenance. True, that you may find that this type of roofing has a higher initial cost, yet again when you sum up the repairs, maintenance, and installation, you would see that you made the right choice.

Metal Standing Seam

It is not just a metal but rather a standing seam structured in high-end technology. As you look closer, the composition is consist of continues panels that run from the ridge directly down to the eaves. This how exactly it is called as a standing seam.

Advantages Of Metal Standing Seam Roofing

One of the most obvious advantages of such metal roofing would be the name itself. It has high seams and there would no weak entry point that can potentially damage your roofing. Moreover, you will find that there are only a few seams because of the metal panels which decreases the chances of leaks and potential damage during hurricanes.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Tough And Long Lasting

Since it is made from metal, then you are certain that your roof is tough and long lasting. In fact, it can handle different types of climate including hail, hurricanes, extreme heat, winter, and even the strongest wind. Its service can last from 50 up to 70 years which is indeed a good investment for your home.


You might think that it would be the price tag of the material, yet you should know by now that it is the premium brand of metal roofing system. What would really be the disadvantage of metal roofing would be the service itself. Not all roofers specializes in this roofing system and somehow, they would rather give you a quote while in reality, they really don’t know what they are doing. It is wise to always look for a reliable and credible metal roofing company that is recognized by the metal roofing alliance.

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