Discover some Roofing Rules

You are planning to upgrade your roofing from traditional to modern metal roofing system to your home. Yes, you found a reliable roofer and all the materials are good to go. However, keep in mind that different states and different countries have different rules and regulation about roofing construction. Typically, you need to submit paperwork to your federal state or also known as construction or building permit. But that’s not all, some states or countries even require to hand them a copy of the blueprint of the roofing and the electricity system of your home. There are several roofing rules that you need to consider before construction begins.

Geophysical and Climatic Difference

Some states would not even require a roofing system to hand them the roof papers. Some would even require the homeowner to submit the price estimation of the roofing and then, the government will charge tax. (For many, this could be very frustrating, but, this is the way it is used to be) Prior to the 2000 International Residential Code of the Government of the United States, for example,  each state has a unique code which is taken from the various trading groups. To give you an example, several other types of home facilities may also need such paperwork such as the Plumbing code, Mechanical Code, and Electrical Code.

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New Shingles

For new shingles, there are two simple codes that you need to be aware of. One, the shingle you ordered to the manufacturer or the roofing company itself must be delivered to you in packages. The shingle must carry the manufacturer’s logo and also, it must be tested and marked in certain labels for verification. Two, the single must be installed or applied accordingly from the accordance to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. The brand or the logo printed is usually at each bundle of the shingle you ordered. You should also consider the use of felt paper under the shingle.

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Roofer Should Avoid

By now, you should know that you roofers should avoid shortcuts otherwise, this might put your roofing system into jeopardy. Therefore, always keep in mind to entrust your roofing system to professional roofers. One of the most common shortcuts most roofers do is the use of sheathing or damp felt paper. This can trap the moisture when the roofing is finally installed and could not let evaporation when the sun heats up.

More Than 10 Years

If you are planning to stay at your home for a long time, or more than 10 years, it is wise to do not use the old shingles when installing the metal roof. It is not actually in the code of the state, but it is the rule of the thumb by the metal roofing alliance that you need to be aware of. Some would prefer to use the old shingle while they could not even figure out if they are going to stay at this home for a long time. While ending up of using the old shingle because they want to go cheap. Little they did not know, it can put their roofing and the entire system into trouble.


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