How to Repair Metal Roofing?

Indeed, roofs which are made from metal or also known as metal roofing is very durable that can last for about over than 70 years or even so. Yet again, there will come a time that the roof needs repairs because of the damages due to hurricanes, hailstorms, heat, molds, and rust. If you see any manifestation of damages from your roof, it is always advisable to call a professional roofer. Yet, there are some cases that even an average person who has no knowledge to roofing or whatsoever can easily handle the problem.

Before DIY Repairs

Before anything else, when you see damages, what you should do first is to look for the blueprint of your roof, the original paperwork and check if such damage is covered by the insurance company or it is entitled to the roofer’s warranty. All in all, you don’t have climb up to your roof and do it yourself. If it seems that the situation is beyond your knowledge, try not to be a genius. It is always highly recommended to call your roofers which are highly recognized by the metal roofing alliance.



One of the most common problems when it comes to galvanized metal roofing would be the nails. Through time, materials can be deteriorated and at some point, the nails are loose. You may think that “hey I can fix that” and hammers the nail back in place. But no, it is not the proper way to do so.


Remember that the nails were already loosening and therefore, it can cause leaks whenever it rains. What you need to do is to pull the nails. Look for signs of deterioration and rust, you can remove the rust by brushing a steel wool. If it seems that the material needs a replacement, then this should be your priority. Before re-nailing it back, it is wise to use urethane roofing to seal the edges.

Sealing The Leaks

This would be the most frustrating part when it comes to the roofing system. You can’t identify the leaks unless it rains. What worse is, your things at home such as electronics, appliances, mattress, and even your precious gadgets if you are not aware where in the world the leaks are. The good news is, there are two things that you can do so to solve the problem.

One is by using a urethane roof cement which is also effective and serves as protection in ultraviolet rays than any common roofing cement. Put the urethane to the holes or damages by using a putty knife. However, you cannot do this when it rains and therefore, you need to remove your stuff to a safer place and put a mark to identify the leaks and the holes. Another would be the self-stick waterproof flashing membrane., As the name it implies, you don’t need to wait until the rain is over, you can simply put such roof cement to the holes.

Yet, keep in mind that roof cement is just for temporary used. It is highly recommended to replace the materials since these can deteriorate over time.


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