How Much Metal Roofing Do you Need?

When figuring out or measuring how much metal you need for your roofing system, you don’t need to be a professional roofer to do so. If you know a bit about metal roofing, then you know the fact that roofers would not take the advantage of you. Some roofers may even suggest that you need “these” and you need “those”. But at the end of the roofing project, you see a lot of excess materials  and this can be very frustrating on your part. All in all, when it comes to roofing project, make sure that the roofer is recognized by the metal roofing Alliance. There are different kinds of ways on how to measure your roof. This will vary however depending on the style of your roofing system. In case that your roof has dormers, there are changes when measuring this.

Measuring The Edge

It is as simple as doing a fifth grader math and this is done by measuring from one edge to another edge of the roof. You can write it down on a piece of paper and it is up to you if you are going to base your measurement by feet of by inches. It is important to determine the width of your standing seam metal roofing. Most likely, standing seam can be 21 inches wide and corrugated metal is 36 inches. All you have to do is to divide the length by width of the metal. With these figures, it supposed to be 360 divide it by 21, then it would be equal to 15. This means that the sum would be the number of metal panels you need for this side. The trick here is by measuring the roof on each end and check them if they are all the same.


Take Note When Measuring

It is important to measure each side of the roof. If your home was built a decade ago, the roof can be shifted slightly because it is getting old. This may get things complicated when measuring. In most cases the two sides can be different because the materials were deteriorated. You should also be careful when climbing on the roof. It is wise to use a ladder and wear safety gears. Moreover, make sure that the climate is calm when measuring the roof. The style of the roofing system can make things complicated when measuring the entire roof.


Tools And Software You Can Use

It is also important to use the proper tools when measuring your roof. You may also want to try ground-breaking technology which is intended for measuring roof. There are some software these days that can make things a little less complicated when it comes to measuring the roof.  Thanks to the development of technology, measuring your roof is just a few clicks away using your mobile phone. All you have is by taking the picture of your roof and let the app do the work. The best of all, you can simply access your roofing project anytime and anywhere. Yet if you prefer to use the conventional tools, then the use of triangle speed square roof protector is highly recommended for measuring efficiency.

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