Are your Steel Roofs Heavy | Alpha Rain

When you think about metal, obviously, you would presume that the material is heavy. Therefore, it is understandable and you are forgiven on your part of becoming anxious when it comes to metal roofing. You may think that your home structure would not hold such heavy materials as your roof. Not to mention if your home was built for over than a decade. Yet again, keep in mind that these materials are actually not as heavy when you compare its weight from the traditional asphalt roof.

How Much An Asphalt Weigh?

Normally, an asphalt roof can weigh at least 3 lbs. per square foot. Now, if you sum up the numbers of the asphalts installed from your roof, then that would be a heck of a weight.  Plus, when you talk about more expensive materials when it comes to the shingle structure, the asphalt weight can become 4.5 or even 5 lbs of weight per square. If you are considering about a roof which is structured by tile materials which are typically popular in the Northern California, per tile can weigh at least eight pounds. There are also some tiles that can weigh even heavier that can reach up to 16 lbs.


How Much A Metal Roofing Weigh?

Now, when it comes to metal roofing Virginia, you will be surprised how lightweight it can be per square but it does not compromise the durability of the structure. A metal roof’s 24 gauge can only weigh 1 lbs. If you are staring at a certain home that is structured by 26 gauge, the weight would be only a three-quarters of a pound. Surprisingly, it only weighs .7 lbs per square foot.  So, if you know your math, obviously, a roof which is made from metal is substantially lighter. Yes, the material is tough throughout different kinds of weather, but it does not necessarily mean that it is heavy. If you think about the figures, you are certain that you don’t have to worry too much about your roofing system and your home’s structure.metalroofing31

Since It Is Lightweight, Can The Roof Stand Agonists High Winds?

This is the part whereas it can be confusing when it comes to how heavy your metal roof can be. It is illogical to think that it could not stand high winds, but actually, it does. The Alpha Rain Inc. products are recognized and certified by the Dade County Wind which means, the overall structure of the roof can handle winds over than 150 mph. You can rest assure that you, your family and your stuff at home are safe and sound when hurricane strikes with high winds. Going back to the Asphalt comparison, it can only handle 50 mph high winds.


All in all, steel roofs are way beyond better than any other types of roofing materials. It is the best option a homeowner or commercial building owner can think of. You don’t have to confuse yourself and it is obvious that numbers don’t lie. Though it seems to be illogical, of course, there is a science behind this fact.

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