Top Metal Roof Myths by Alpha Rain

So, you can’t decide whether to or not to upgrade your roof into metal roofing because of so many rumors about it. You may think that your house will look like a barn because of its silvery looks. Another would be the risk of lightning. Yes, metal can attract lightning, but it does not necessarily mean that your home would be the next target when a lightning storm comes. But all of these are just metal roofing myths and hearsays. What you need is to stick to the fact of what a metal roofing system can do to your home.

Myth #1 – Makes A Lot Of Noise

This would be definitely true if your roof is made from poor quality galvanized steel. But this would be one of the biggest misconceptions of metal roofing. Keep in mind that professional metal roofing company  would install the materials into the solid substrate surface. This means that regardless whether how strong the rainfall would be, it won’t make a lot of noise. Moreover, if the roofing system attic space is installed properly it adds as sound barriers keeping your roof calm and quiet. In addition, metal roof is very energy efficient that can help you about your utility expenses.


Myth #2 Rusting And Fading

True that metal is prone to rust. But not when it comes to the quality of the material you are going to use to your roofing system. These days, metal roofs are made from galvanized flashing process. In layman’s term, the materials are waterproof which protects the material from deteriorating and rusting. If the roofing system is protected by high-performance enamel paint, it prevents the system from fading. It case of peeling, most roofers these days offer warranties prior to the matter.

Myth #3 Lighting

Funny how some people think, this myth would be the most common misconception about metal roofing. In reality, ever since the metal roof was introduced to the market, until these days, there are no reports that lightning strikes at a certain residential home. A roof that is made from metal has no chance of being hit by lightning. In fact, a metal roof can protect you in case of fire or even electrical discharge. It would stand from the toughest hurricanes and from the most violent hail storm keeping you safe.


Myth #4 Too Expensive

Indeed, when you compare the traditional roofing installation over metal roofing, you would say that the conventional type is cheaper. But that’s not the real case. When you do the math and try to add all the expenses you are going to spend with through time from repairs and maintenance, you will see that metal roof is the best option. You might say that the installation is expensive, but if you are going to see the big picture, you will see the benefits. The annual tax incentives for example – it can save you a lot of bucks because your home is made from recycled material. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about repairs and maintenance is minimal.


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