What You Need To Know About Corrugated Steel Panels

Going back in the middles of 1800s, corrugated steel panels are manufactured and often used by industrial, agricultural and commercial structures. During those time, you can imagine how this structure looks like. You may think of old barns, old houses, and shacks which are covered with numerous spots of rust. Some corrugated metal roofs were made from non-coated steels which are prone to corrosion.

Corrugated Metal Roofs Today

These days, you have plenty of choices to choose from when planning for a metal roofing installation. These corrugated metal are now made from galvanized steel in the form of 5V crimp and UV Ribbed panels. There are also metal panels that are made from galvalume, stainless and aluminum materials which are the economical choices. But, keep in mind that once in awhile, you may have to invest a bit when it comes to the maintenance. When you want to consider a long lasting economical solution, you can never go wrong with galvalume steel. When the project is done, you can use a Kynar 500 coating which can significantly provide energy efficiency. Plus, you can be recognized by the US Green building council.


Ribbed Panels And R Panels

If the roofing project is meant for commercial or agricultural metal roofing, corrugated ribbed panels are often used. One of the major factors is because of the fact that it is fairly long lasting and energy efficient. Moreover, corrugated steel panel is certified by the LEEd and it is an inexpensive solution perfect for industrial and commercial use. Your main advantage is the thermal emitting technology allowing you to keep the building cool particularly during hot season.

Modern Corrugated Steel Roofs

Nowadays, when it comes to corrugated metal panels, they are offering energy efficiency, economical solution, and corrosion resistance. These are usually made from thin gauge steel typically from 26 to 29 steel gauge. It is practical choice compared to other roofing projects especially when the roofing system will cover huge areas. In fact, this material is a practical choice compared to the traditional asphalt shingle. In addition, it cost less compared to standing seam and metal shingles.


Improvements In Design And System

Over the years, metal roofing has proven that such material is indeed long-lasting, durable, and aesthetically beneficial for commercial, residential and industrial structures. It provides the roofing integrity which meets the overall requirement of the roofing needs of the structure. But, it does not have to be expensive. Yet again, you have to make sure to call your roofers tightening the exposed fasteners especially when you are located somewhere in a tropical countries.

 Alpha Rain Inc.

 We, the Alpha Rain Inc. a metal roofing company has been in the business for quite some time. It has been a privilege to serve in most part of Virginia and we are proudly to introduce our economical corrugated steel panels. Metal roofing system does not necessarily mean expensive. The galvanized corrugated steel metal roofing installation is better and practical choice. Plus, such alternative can also provide energy efficiency.

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