The Latest Trend In Residential Metal Roofing

It is very likely you see this type of roof in Western Virginia and even at all parts of the country. With so much things to consider including calamities like wildfire, extreme heat condition, hurricanes and hales, no wonder many residential homeowners these days are now in the paradigm shift of conventional roofing to the most ground breaking roofing technology. Moreover, steel or metal roofing have more than doubled for the last 5 years and till now, it continues to grow from 13 up to 15 percent. Indeed, there is no other material has the capability of taking good care and protecting each and everyone’s home.


As mentioned,  residential metal roofing system can protect you in all kinds of weather. Regardless if you are in the tropical country or you are located somewhere in Virginia, most of the homeowners who have metal roofing installed, their primary reason is the durability of the roof. How many times you have to call your roofer just to make sure that everything is okay after the hail? How often you call them and make some repairs and maintenance because of the damages? Though it may sound pricey when you compared steel roofing  and other cheap roofing materials, it is indeed a good investment.

Durable Metal Roof

Energy Efficient

These days where anyone and everyone are looking of ways on how to lessen their expenses, the roof can help them to save money more than you ever know. During summer season, it is obvious that you want your home to be comfortable enough for your family. However, because of the heat index rate, you have to turn on the thermostat to the maximum and you have to turn on your AC probably more than 12 hours. This can affect your energy bill and it can upsurge up to 30%. However, because of the energy efficiency of metal roofing offers, you no longer have to do so. The same goes during the winter season whereas you need your heating system running 24/7.


As far as the style, a metal roofing company and aesthetic is concerned, you can never go wrong with metal roofing. There are wide varieties of styles to choose from turning your home from pretty to elegant. For some reasons, many would believe that because steel may become rusty over time and it may turn your home to look old. But those are just misconceptions or probably misinformation about such material. In fact, you can use many kinds of coating as long as it compliment the style and the painting of your home.

Tax And Insurance

There is a chance that you are not aware about this fact, but in case that you know, then definitely you are enjoying what the metal roofing can do to your budget. Since you are using an eco-friendly material, you are qualified of having incentives thanks to the 2005 US energy efficiency policy. This means that your tax is deducted together with your home insurance. If you meet the energy star requirement, there are so much more to be expected that can reduce your expenses.

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