Durable Metal Roofs Grow in Popularity for Homes

Over than a decade, metal roofing industry has been skyrocketing from 3% up to 11% market share. In fact, according to the Metal Roofing Alliance, it has been tripled in the year 2015-2016. So the question is, why so many homeowners have been interested in metal roofing these couple of years? The top reason according to Dodge Data and Analytics, 26% of homeowners are interested because of its durability and longevity of the service. This is why many are looking for a metal roofing company that can serve roofing installation to its finest.

Consider As Investment Not Luxury

Many would think that such roofing system is a luxury. Little they didn’t know, the roofing system would last for long and it can be used to your children’s children. The typical roofing system such as asphalt shingle is indeed one of the cheapest. Yet again, if you are going to consider the repairs and maintenance, list down the expenses and monitor – you will be surprised the figures. In fact, if you do the math, you will say that it is a wise decision to upgrade your roofing from asphalt to metal.



There are 11% of metal roofing homeowners who are enjoying the benefit of its aesthetic looks. While, some are not aware of it. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions about its overall appearance. Some are scared because of the silvery color of metal whereas, they imagine things like their house would be look like a barn or something when it is installed. This is a total misconception of metal roofing. There are many kinds of styles to choose from that can make your home from beautiful to wonderful.


It’s overall structure why many would prefer to spend of their money in durable metal roof instead of the traditional roofing system. Because of the fact that it is made from metal, homeowners are rest assure that whatever kind of climate it may be, their house is fully protected by the roof. Going back to point number one, – how many times you have to call your roofers for repairs after hurricanes? While in metal roofing, you don’t have to. You are confidently know that your roofing can sustain even the strongest wind. In case of hail storms which are usual from Western Countries, the homeowners are protected from their home. There will be mild damages depending on how big the hail is. But up to these days, there are no reports that hail made serious damage to metal roof.

Energy Efficiency

During the hot summer season, most of homeowners are concerned about their electricity bill. This is because they prefer to turn on their ACs and adjust the thermostat to its maximum level. Unfortunately, the hot weather can still affects the cooling system. The same goes during winter, you need to turn on your heating system just to keep your home warm. But then, since the temperature is negative 19F, you need to adjust the heating. But not when your home is fully structured by metal roof. The cool air will stay inside your home and you can expect that your energy bills will be reduced.

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