How to Lower Your Electricity Bill With a Cool Roof

Here comes summer and as expected, your electricity bills will go terribly up because you want your house cool and comfy. It is obvious that you need to increase your AC’s thermostat so it can keep your place cool from the inside. Of course, you are looking for ways on how to reduce your bill and it is not just by cleaning your AC’s filter but rather the structure of your home. The first thing that you supposed to do is to look outside and check on your roof.

Cool Roof

Having an energy efficient roof system would be the game changer during this heat season. In general, metal is known as a heat conductor which makes your home’s attic hotter compared to the outdoor. But thanks to the technology the heat beams can simply be deflected by ground-breaking steal coating. This technology will bounces off the sun beam making it a cool roof more than you ever known. There are two kinds of cool coating roof you might want to consider and these are the white and the green roofing system.


White Roof

White coloring can make your home interior’s dull but not when it comes to the roofing system. It does not make your roof look cool, but it does make the roof cool literally. It does make sense of painting your metal roofing o white rather than dark colors. In fact, according to a certain energy efficiency study at the Columbia University, white can lower the summer heat gains up to 67% that can bring cool roof at home. Have you ever noticed why so many structured these days are painted in white, not to mention the White House.

Green Roof

It is not your roof is painted with green coating. Aside from white coating, you can use any colors of paint that has a light color. Green roof is referred as the roofing system is covered by trees and other vegetation. You may also hear the term eco-roof or living roof. Roofing system that is covering by many trees can lower the heat gains up to 84% or even more.


Green Or White Roofing System?

If you want to make things not so complicated, then you have to go to the white coating roof. It is attainable to implement compared to the green roof.  In fact, you don’t need to look for professional metal roofing Virginia contractors in order for you to turn your roof into white. You can do it by yourself and color it as white as you could.

A Green roofing system may require you a lot but it can be beneficial in the long term. You should also consider the maintenance and other factors you should be aware of like dry leaves over your roof and electricity. All in all, it can save you money both in summer and winter time. Trees planted beside your home have advantages and drawbacks. But, if you know how to take good care of plants and your roofing system as well, you don’t have to be anxious of making your home green.

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