Where to Insulate your Home?

Whether you know it or not, your home needs proper insulation. The insulation is the only way that can bring your home a shelter. The assortment of glasses, bricks, woods, drywalls and other pieces of stuff do not make any sense without insulation. It ensures that the cold air stays inside whenever it is extremely hot outside or the other ways around. In other words, insulation makes a house the home. However, some homeowners never knew how important insulation is at home and they waste thousands of dollars investing in materials little they didn’t know, these expensive materials can be deteriorated in no time if the house has a poor airflow.

Home Insulation


Having multiple windows at home is the best source of heat loss. The more windows you have at home in different angles, the better the air will flow into your home. But if your windows were already installed for over than a decay, then it needs upgrades and updates.


The attic would be the most complex part of your home since it is exposed to heat whenever it is hot outside. If your roof is made from galvanized metal it is obvious that the more the heat it absorbs because metal is a heat conductor. If you are planning to upgrade your roofing system to metal roofing Virginia, then you should always consider proper ventilation at your attic. In addition, you can find a reliable metal roofing company in your area that has the technology of controlling heat or cold which makes your home comfortable to live with.

Home Insulation


Door on the other hand is a big hole which is basically larger than windows. If your door is not sealed properly, then there is a chance that your heating or cooling system won’t work as you expect. Just like your parents told you, you did not turn on the AC to make it cool outside. It is important to check the parameter of your door. There are many kinds of doors you can find from the market today, all in all you have to make sure that the door is properly installed.

Duck Insulation

You might be considering not to insulate your duct, but it is the most important part of the house that can reduce your energy bills. Nowadays, ducts are made from aluminum, composite metal or tin. Effective insulation of duck can dramatically improve your home’s convenience. It makes your home warmer with your heating system and it makes your home colder with your cooling system. It is also important to maintain your duct clean so it can perform good whenever you need it.


Finally, is the basement. In most cases, basement would be the last part of the home that you could think of. Hence, it looks moldy, musty and irritating to the eye. Molds and mildew can manifest because of the humidity. You may want to hire a professional prior to this and adding vapor barrier would be the best option for your basement.


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