How to Safely Remove Snow From Your Roof?

The main reason why you need to remove snow safely from your roof is because of the fact that it can produce ice dams that can put your situation from bad to worse. Ice dams cannot form without snow and if you are able to get rid of the snow from your roof, you can avoid leaks and potential damages that can occur.

Another reason why you must remove those snows from your roof is because it is a good idea to get rid of extra weights off your roof. When it comes to the rule of the thumb, one square foot that has one inch in depth which weighs about a pound. This means that 12 inches of snow are a thousand pounds of weight. Not to mention the weight of the ice dams that can form as soon as the spring starts.

Removing The Snow From Your Roof

One of the most effective ways to remove snow from your roof is the use of heat cables. However, in most cases, heat cables are not enough from preventing the snow to neutralize the effect of the mother nature. During a snow storm, there are few people who have gained long-term success when using such tools. If you have already tried this method and succeeded, consider yourself lucky as one of the few. Heat cable is insanely expensive especially when it comes to installation.


Snow Removal Tips

It is important to be aware of your roof and you need to remove snow from your room after every 8 inches of snow. If you can avoid the formation of snow out from your roof for once in a while, ice dams can be hard to be formed which allows you to stop worrying about any sort of cave-in from your roof. In general, whether your roof is made from traditional asphalt roofing system or the premium type of metal roofing, always follow the rule of the thumb.

Roof Collapse

Flimsy-Factory-Roof-Collapse-MAINOn the other hand, whether you are not experiencing ice dams, snow can lead your roof from damages and worse like collapsing. You don’t want that do you? It is essential to holding off on any roof snow. When is the right time of removing the snow out from your roof? It is important on your part to determine the weight. Keep in mind that wet snow is six times heavier than pure ice. You should get your roof cleared after snowfall is over.

Snow Shovel

This may seem to be a bit of traditional way of removing the snow from your roof, but it is still one of the most effective ways when doing so. You may also need snow raking and this will depend on how large your roof is and how much the snow could be. As for now, roof raking is the most popular way of getting rid of the snow from your roof. Though it requires attention, efforts and time, it can be very rewarding in the end.


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