Know about Galvalume, Galvanized Metal Roofing

Upgrading your roof from traditional to the premium metal roofing is one of the best investment that you will ever have to your home. Metal is indeed a tough material that can endure even the worse hurricane. In case that you are looking for metal roofing contractors or roofers, you can be confused because of so many metal roofing materials to choose from. Also, you should be aware about the difference between a galvalume metal roofing and galvanized metal roofing project.


This kind of metal roofing is produced and developed by the Bethlehem Steel way back in 1972. FYI – it is a trademarked name and somehow, many people would actually use the generic term describing a metal roofing product. It is consisting of metal alloy and coil coated technology. The metal roof is  made of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc and this is why it is a lightweight material and similar to galvanized steel. But when you look closer, you can simply determine the difference between the two.


Galvalume Plus

From the name it sounds, it is a better version of metal roofing galvalume. It has a thin and clear acrylic coating and can be roll formed dry without even removing its oil. The visible crystals are closer and smaller. It is barrier corrosion and heat resistance technology. It will resist rust and elements that can affect its durability.


Galvanized Or Galvanizing

It is a technique of producing metal roofing applying a protective zinc coating to the metal. This is important to avoid rust. One of the most common methods of metal roofing galvanized is the galvanized hot dip process in which the roof will be submerged in the bath of molten zinc. It can prevent from reaching the underlayment of steel or iron. In layman’s term it is a sacrifice anode so that the entire metal roofing system will be safe from scratches. The zinc will protect the material before the metal. It became an industrial trend ever since residential home owners saw its beneficial factors.


Galvalume should not be installed or used around mortar which are made from concrete. You should be aware that mortar made from concrete has a high alkaline environment which can make the galvalume sheets to suffer with rapid corrosion. Both galvanized and galvalume metal roofing materials are guaranteed tough and durable. In a nutshell, the metal roofing that is made or used galvalume is proven that it has a better strength over the galvanized materials. Both galvanized and galvalume will rapidly deteriorate if the installment is incorrect and exposed to any corrosive agents. But when both are coated, they can serve your home for at least 50 years or even more so. They are both offering exceptional heat reflectivity resulting low energy which makes the home interior improved its cooling or heating cost.


The best thing to decide whether you are going to use galvanized materials or galvalume roofing project is by consulting to your roofers about the architectural design of your home. The metal roofing company will present you a better and big picture when the metal roofing project is done.

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