Asphalt Shingles vs Metal Roofs

Many of your neighbours, friends and even officemate encourage you to upgrade your traditional shingle roofing system into metal roofing. Somehow, you are anxious about It and imagining your home that it would look like a barn with a silvery roof. It is not actually true and it fact, metal roofing can make your home aesthetic from beautiful to majestic. True that the asphalt shingle roofing system is cheaper compared to metal roofing, but how many times you have to call your roofer to repair some damages whenever a hurricane strikes. But not with metal roof system, it is tough enough to take any types of weather regardless your location is.

asphalt vs metal roofs

Asphalt vs. Metal

Asphalt usually last for about 30 years or so depending on how you handle your roofing system. There is also asphalt fiberglass where it is more durable rather than the traditional type. The metal roofing, on the other hand, will last from 70 up to 100 years or even more so. It is tough and very durable compared to the single. Another factor that you should consider is the heating and cooling system. Indeed, asphalt can keep your home warm during winter but the worse part of the season would be the summer. A metal roof can keep your warm during winter and cool during summer.

Fire Resistance

Another great factor of a metal roof is that the fact that your roof can stay strong even the toughest wind, the strongest hurricane and even earthquake. Also, the metal roof can also withstand fire because of its fire resistance characteristic. A copper metal roofing system can survive well and but singles will melt. When such disaster strike (not hoping so), you can still make the most out of your roofing.

Sound Proofing

Many commercial buildings would really want to install their structures with metal roofs because of it is sound proof. Yes, the shingle is quieter when heavy rain strikes and you might be thinking that metal roof can make a lot of noise. But metal roofing system is pretty much different rather than the thingy you know from the barn. There are numerous ways on how to minimize the noise and make your place sound proof. Using proper insulation, for example, can reduce the noise from the outside.


Finally, it can enhance the looks of your house and increase its overall price. There are several styles to choose from such as vertical standing seams, states, and shingles. The good thing is, your roof can complement the style of your home including the paint. The paint technology of metal roofing can simply bounce off the beam coming from the sun that makes your home, particularly your attic cooler. The metal roof can even mimic the style pf asphalt shingles.


When you think about the competition over asphalt shingle vs metal roof, it is obvious that it is a no contest. Back then asphalt shingles were the most popular type of roofing system, but until 2013, there are many homeowners who are discovering the benefits of metal roof.

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