Top 11 Metal Roof Types

So you decided to upgrade your roof from traditional asphalt to premium metal roofing system. Money is not an object, you found a reliable metal roofing company and therefore the only thing that comes up to your mind is the style of the roof. Unfortunately, you don’t have an idea the kind of roof type you want for your home. In addition, as soon as you search online, you are bombarded with lots of roof type which somehow confusing. Below are the top 11 types of a metal roofing system.

Standing Seam Metal Roof


Do not be fooled by the name it implies, in fact, it is not really 100% flat but rather the style is a slow-sloped roof that appears flat to the naked eyes. A truly flat roof can lead problems to the roofing system such as rainwater pooling and create stagnant spot perfect for mosquitos and other bacteria.


Probably the most conventional type of roofing. The word gable refers to the word triangle formed when two pitched areas of your roof meet. The installation is a little less complicated compared with other types of the roofing system.

Jerkin Head

It somehow looks like gable with a little bit of hipped. It is typically intended for handling strong winds. The jerking head has been used in many conventional homes and still effective roofing up to these days.

Salt Box

This design was popularized from New England. It is designed to utilize the rainwater to disperse in two stories houses. It extends almost to the ground and gets rid of the rainwater. However, tall people have some issues with this kind of roofing design.


Is a type of roofing system could not be installed independently. It is designed for additional to an existing roofing system that projects from the existing slope of the house. It is recommended for those homeowners who want to extend their home with a little budget at hand.

Cat Slide

This type of roofing is similar to the saltbox except that it is also used as an additional portion of the roofing system just like the dormer. It extends beyond the eaves which can be used for entrance or patios.


It is also known by many as the French roof. It has a four-sided edge with a double slope on each side. It creates an extra space perfect for the attic. It is great for homeowners who wants to extend their homes in the future.

Skillion Roof

It is frequently used for homes which are located in a snowy area just like Virginia. It is usually used for a home extension, porches, and sheds. But for most homeowners who want to take advantage of the design, they use it to the entire home.


This could be the most unconventional type of metal roofing types. It is a V-shaped roof constructed with angled up on the outside. It allows larger windows to be used. This allows the home to have a natural light.


Is a type of metal roofing that has two or more parallel pitched by which the slope and vertical surface alternately. It is used in modern homes because of its simplicity.

Curved Roof

If you want your home to look like the Jetsons with a little bit of futuristic touch, you can never go wrong with this style. It pleasing to the eye and provide subtle shapes perfect for modern homes.

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