What if it Rains during the Metal Roofing Installation?

One of the most common problems when it comes to roofing installation is when it rains during the project. This can delay the overall installation and you as the owner will worry about your appliances and stuff at home. What really can cause the problem is continual moisture especially when the construction of the materials will become wet. Different roofers have their own different strategies when dealing with this kind of situation, in most cases, roofers had the decking covered before it rained. Yet again, it must be done accordingly so there will be no leaks. Moreover, it is important that the interior will not be damaged when it rains.

NRCA Guidelines

The National Roofing Contractors and Manufacturers Associations implemented the standard construction or installation for various roofing companies and agencies. They are all instructed to follow the guidelines for placing either water barrier membrane or shingles over the wet substrate. Some would use tarpaper that can trap the water in the sheathing. This could be a bad idea on the contrary to the industry of standard roofing guidelines.

So, What Most Roofers Do Then?

Sometimes, roofers take the whole existing roof and start to install the underlayment, plywood, and other important stuff to construct the metal roofing system. But the most effective way to prevent any mishaps that might happen during the rainy season or unexpected rainfall is by taking off a certain portion of the existing roof which is plausible to install the new roofing system. Yet, of course, the project manager or the project lead must be always aware of the weather. But in some cases, there are rain falls which are unexpected that were actually missed by the weather channels.

energy efficient roof system

Waterproof Underlayment

The good news is, professional metal roofing Virginia installation can use waterproof underlayment in order to make things will not mess up when it rains. This will also make sure that there will be no issues or whatsoever when it rains such as leak problems.

Alpha Rain Inc. Encounter Of Installation While It Rains

Before the hurricane “Sandy” strikes VA, the Alpha Rain Inc. were busy at their roofing project. As soon as the weather channels announced that there will be a hurricane coming, the metal roofing company did what they have to do and stop the installation and leave the water roof underlayment. During the rainfall, the gentleman who owns the residence freaked out and call the company of what in the world is going to happen to his roof. The underlayment waterproof is more effective than the wood waterproof and it does make sure that there will be no issues when the hurricane strikes. The next day as soon as the hurricane is over, the Alpha Rain Inc. roofers came back to their project and check if there are any leaks or whatsoever on the project.  The owner of the house just smiled and says there are no leaks and it proves that it is more waterproof compared to his recent underlayment.

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