5 Roof Decorating Tips this Christmas

metal roof

Christmas is around the corner and it is time for you for decorating your home. Many people would prefer to decorate and display something fancy outside the house to make their neighbors envy them. (Just Kidding) Most of you would use the roof as the support of hanging the Christmas lights and other decorations. However, keep in mind that decorating your home could damage the roof area. Therefore, when doing so, it is ideal to follow these steps to avoid damages.

Do Not Use Nails

Never nail your decoration to your roof. It is one of the most common mistakes people make when decorating their home. At the end of the Christmas season, you have to pull the nails out together with the decoration, leaving your roof in damaged. This is a big no and therefore, always be reminded not to nail anything to your roof. Instead of nailing, you can use special clips when decorating. Even though that your roof is made from metal, metal roof decoration using nails and hammer them to the roof is not ideal.

Don’t Put Heavy Materials To Your Gutter

Do not put anything which is heavy such as your heavy Santa Clause thingy on the gutter otherwise, it will damage the area. When putting the decorations such as Christmas lights, take the time  to read the direction. There are Christmas lights these days which include clips intended for the roof.

Take Care Of Your Chimney

You don’t need to over-elaborate the stuff when it comes to your metal roofing decoration. You always have to accept the fact, that Santa Claus is not for real and therefore, be very careful about your chimney or flue when using it for base design. You never know the condition of the weather especially if you are located somewhere in Virginia. Make sure not to put any types of electronic pieces of stuff near to your roof.

When Packing Things Up

When Christmas is over, obviously you have to pack things up. Your neighbors would be confused you still have the Christmas lights on your roof while it is already the 4th of July. When packing things up, you should not rip them down otherwise, you can leave a lot of damages on your roof and at the same time with your decorations. You should take the time to dismantle everything to avoid the risk of damaging the roof. It can be very tempting, but it is wise not to do so.

Antennas And Power Lines

Finally, is to always be aware of antennas and power lines that are mounted to your roof. It could be your cable satellite or internet antenna connection. Whatever is mounted there, be sure to steer them clearly. Make sure that the LED bulbs are working and all the electrical connection are intact to avoid fire. Even though that your roof is made up from premium metal roofing, you should be aware that roof is pretty much sensitive. One damage can leave the entire system devastated.

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